Anyone Having Trouble with Wyze Headphones II and Siri on the New Mac Mini with M2 Chip?

Just bought the new Mac Mini with M2 Pro chip. My Wyze Headphones II are not working well with Siri on the Mac Mini. Double tapping will bring up Siri, but it’s as if the microphone isn’t being recognized. Hey Siri is set to listen for Hey Siri on headphones. The sound control panel shows the Headphone mic is working, and the headphone II works fine in Discord and other Apps. The headphones also work fine on my 2019 MacBook Pro and my iPhone 14 Pro.

Is it time for a firmware update? The Waze app says everything’s good, you’re up to date with version 2.1.143. I really like my Wyze Headphones II and I’m disappointed they do not fully work on my new computer.

I’m hoping I’m not the Lone Ranger here, Please chime in if you’re having similar issues.