Anyone else reverting to the old thermostat?

Besides the black display unless I lean while on my couch and wave my hands towards the thermostat, I also find I’m missing the feature of the Ecobee getting temps to where I want them at the scheduled time. For example, my return home from work time is about 3 PM and so when I had 3 PM as the home time, the ecobee would start the heat before 3 PM, so it reached my target temp by that time. It didn’t WAIT till that time to turn on the heat.

Is that what the “ready before arrival” note I see in the balance of savings and comfort is in the Wyze app? That it would do the heating and cooling to reach the desired temps at the scheduled change time?

I liked the display of current temp, set temp, even outdoor temp on the Ecobee, so I think I’m going to go back to that and just keep an eye out on the forums here for when things like constant display are added to this one. I probably wouldn’t revert back at all, unless that setting for savings vs comfort in the Wyze app is what would make my system actually get to temp by the set time, rather than just turn ON at the set time. I tried searching the phrase here but didn’t find any hits,…

Thanks for any details.