Anyone else getting Wyze texts at 3am?

Although I don’t mind getting Wyze product announcements the last three have been at 3am by text! Wyze should probably do this during business hours rather than midnight in California and 3am on the east coast !!!

That’s odd that your getting these texts so late, but if you want you can disable them in the account > notifications tab of the app. I don’t have texts enabled, I find email and app notifications better.

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Continuing the discussion from [Anyone else getting Wyze texts at 3am?] Thanks I realize I can turn them off. The reason I’m mentioning it is that it would make more sense for the company to alter their behavior rather than mine and send them at a reasonable hour so that customers do not reduce contact with them. Also it is probably an annoyance to many other customers. I’m guessing that the purpose of these texts is not to annoy customers…. As excited as the may be about a product may launch.