Anyone else find CamPan disconnecting when set to pan continuously?

I have 3 PanCams and I use 2 of them to continuously pan back and forth. These cameras lose connection and need a power cycle to reconnect. This is obviously something you can’t do remotely. I sat with one of them nearby and listened to it panning and every 5 minutes or so, I would hear it reset itself and restart. I can only imagine that on some occasion during one of these restarts, it failed to reconnect. I then stopped the continuous panning and it has remained connected without restart since. Note that 2 cameras exhibiting this behavior are in 2 different houses, so connecting to different wifi routers.
In summary, it seems that setting a CamPan to continuously pan results in periodic restarts which will eventually result in a disconnected camera. Anyone else experiencing this?

My guess is a power issue. Either the power supply is not able to supply the current required for panning, or excessive cable loss. It is likely right on the ragged edge of working - the reason it works for a few minutes and then crashes.
Are you using the stock power supply and cable?
Are you running the Pan camera as a second camera on the same power supply - for example, plugged into the USB-A connection on a V2 camera?

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In both cases where this is happening I’m using the stock power supply and cable. Note they are plugged into different houses so it’s not a house electrical interference issue.

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With all the above…also do you have a Bridge installed ?

No. None