Any way to fine tune the "no go" zones?

Is there any way to fine tune the no go zones for the vacuum? In a variety of situations, I have set up no go zones but I can only move them so much with my finger before you just cant see it change on the screen. I zoom in a little and even try it on my larger iPad screen with the Apple Pencil and it still is difficult. It would be great if you could see some sort of coordinates or something so you could just click it a “tick” over or up if needed. If anyone has any ideas how to really get the no go zones set, please let me know. The other issue is if I ever remap it again, the zones I have set correctly will be gone and I have no way of setting up correctly again except trial and error.

My residence has quite a few no go zones.

Try my method.

  1. adjust the no go zone box size large enough to easily drag.
  2. place the upper left corner of the box where it needs to be.
  3. drag the right bottom adjustment arrow to where it needs to be.

This way you don’t have to try to move the box when it is too small.
And also this is the best way to make the smallest no go zone.

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I also think that the fine tuning would be easier if you could zoom in more.