Any ship notices yet?

Just got a ship notice for a March 4 order

March 3rd order shipped.

ordered February 26, delivery date of April 11

got my shipping notice yesterday and ordered March 16th ?

Received shipping notice today for my March 22nd order!

Received my shipping notice this morning. Order placed 3/15.

Received mine yesterday. All set up.

I’m beyond frustrated. Ordered 2/20, shipping notice says 4/5.

The service used is not “ground service” and is in fact slower than ground service, and the post office in my area has no actual likelihood of delivering these packages. These packages should have been shipped ground especially because of the extensive delay. The cost savings for using “mail innovations” is surely outweighed by the work required to set up that service with UPS and Regardless, the tracking number doesn’t provide doesn’t show this package has actually been shipped!

UPS says “This shipment is progressing through the postal system to the final destination.”

USPS says "USPS Currently Awaiting Package - A status update is not yet available for your package. It will be available when the shipper provides an update or the package is delivered to USPS. Check back soon. "

Turns out, I found more detail at

Do they ship 1 camera per package? I have 2 tracking numbers showing from Kent, WA but was only provided 1 from Wyze.

This is not cool - I would not have opted for USPS shipping under any circumstances, even if it meant forgoing the product altogether. If these items don’t show up together, tomorrow, I’m done. Mind you, the package was delayed a day in making it to my post office today, and nothing shows an expected delivery date of tomorrow.

Who on earth convinced otherwise smart people that using 2 different delivery companies to take double the time to deliver a package was in any way a possibly sensible idea? UGH!!! Did you need the additional $3 for shipping? This ruins the entire experience, it’s a major insult added to injury to prepay the product and then be subject to such extraordinary delays on top of things.

Ordered my 2 V2s on 02/15 and shipped on 04/02 and received today! I am in Connecticut so they had to travel across the country! Both cameras are set up and it’s time to order more!

I received my two days ago. But it doesn’t connect to my OnHub WiFi :(. About to submit a ticket and see what support says.

I was away for a week and when I got back today look what Santa bought me, Christmas in April! My order and my Wyze Nest!

Yep, ordered 04/13/18 ship notice posted around 1:30 AM Central time 04/17/18. It does say it’s going through the same UPS service everyone is complaining about so even with the arrival date listed as 04/21/18, I’ll have to see if it actually arrives then. I’ve got my fingers crossed and looking forward to using the cams.

I received my 2 cams on the day estimated for delivery. Some people are saying that they are losing tracking capabilities when the deliveries are handed off to the USPS. In my area at least (Omaha, NE), I was able to use the same tracking number to track my package at the post office. Setup was very easy. When I did the first time setup, there was a firmware update waiting to be downloaded. I’m not sure if this was a release for beta testers only or if it was an official release. I’ve read that picture quality was bad with some units. They must have fixed that in the update because my cams have a great picture. Motion tagging works with very few false-positives. Zoom is good as well. So far, remote access is quick and videos load quickly.