Any problems / solutions running a large amount of Wyzecams?

Hi folks,

Was asked whether there are any issues running a large amount of wyze cams outdoors. Thought it best to turn this over to the wyze community who have the direct experience in this… Here’s some stuff am wondering about…

  1. What is the number of cameras being run simultaneously?( eg 6 wyze cam v2 and 2 wyze pancams)

  2. What microsd card is being used for reliability (eg Class 10, Samsung evo plus 64gb)

  3. Any issues with wifi reliability? If so did you manage to solve the problem? (eg initially had issues with cloud recording, problem solved by upgrading wifi access point)

  4. With the new Complete Motion Camera any issues? (e.g have run CMC service on 1 camera and it is affecting the speed of download of cloud recordings from the non CMC cameras (this is from a user report in another thread))

  5. How do you power you cameras? (e.g POE to USB convertors, long run USB cables, daisy chain USB power etc, powerbank, solar?)

  6. How do you manage / view so many cameras? (eg. ipad groups, running an android app on a desktop etc)

  7. Are you running RTSP on all cameras successfully?

  8. Any other problems / solutions not mentioned above.


Hi, I will see if I can answer some of these.

  1. I am running 10 V2’s and 1 Pan Cam
  2. I do not have a microSD in all but the ones I do they are either the one purchased from WYZE or a Samsung High Endurance. I also record events only on them. (one might be on continuous still, i was testing something)
  3. I did have WiFi issues but I was just using the Comcast supplied modem/router combo. I switched to a Linksys mesh network and no longer have issues.
  4. I have not signed up for the CMC yet, i will be later tonight so I can edit this answer in a few days.
  5. Mine are either powered by the included items or 25 ft USB cables purchased from Amazon with the original power brick.
  6. I have my cams split into 2 groups, Indoor and Outdoor, there are 7 outside and 4 inside. I view mostly on my phone but do have an older tablet that usually has the outdoor cams showing on it.
  7. Not running RTSP
  8. Not that I can think of.

The biggest problems running Wyze cams outdoors is good WiFi access, shelter, and power.

To answer your specific questions:

  1. I have 10 V2s. 8 are on line ATM. One is outdoors, the other 7 are indoors. The outdoor one is a bare camera protected by an overhang. Did have a second one outdoors, but needed it inside. Of the 7 indoors, 6 look outdoors.

  2. I use standard 32 GB SD cards in all cams on continuous record mode. 32 GB is the recommended card size for the cams. Operation of a 64 GB is not covered by support (but usually works). 5 of the 8 cams I have online ATM are using standard Wyze cards. Two are Kingstons. One has a recent purchase of a Samsung Endurance card in it. The oldest cams are 18 months old and have been recording continuously to Kingston cards without issue. The oldest Wyze cards are 7 months old and have also been recording continuously without issue. I have not had a SD card failure on any of the 10 cams.

  3. Haven’t had any reliability issue from the cams themselves. Occasional app or firmware issues, very occasional server issues.

  4. I won’t have time to play with CMC for a month yet. I would guess that if running CMC is slowing down other cameras, they have a slow network?

  5. Both of the cameras I had outdoors (now 1) are powered from a local porch light fixture. I replaced the bulb with a screw-in outlet.

  6. I put my top 4 ‘of interest’ cams at the top of my “all cameras” group. So those 4 cams are always on screen. The other 4 I refer to when necessary by simply swiping the group page.

  7. I have never needed RTSP. I simply use the Wyze iOS app on my iPad and iPhone.

  8. Not had any other issues, really.

  1. 8 V2’s at 1 house + 6 V2’s at another, (only 4 outside), about 5 V2 “floaters” and 2 pans
    The floaters I usually keep with charged power bank batteries and I grab one or two when I want to monitor something, For example charging a vehicle battery, trailer back up camera, watching water boil, watching the sump pump. 2 V2’s are RTSP. Almost all cams have SD cards.

  2. 5 Wyze 32GB, most of the remaining are Samsung Evo Plus Class 10 32GB (5 for $29).

  3. Only due to extremely slow upload speed at 1 site.

  4. 1 CMC no effect

  5. Most “fixed cams” are on the standard wall wart. Others plug into power banks,

  6. Amazon Fire 10, phone. Extensive grouping.

  7. Only 2

8, Upgrading my Betas is a problem.

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I don’t have that many. But a colleague has near 100, however they are all running custom firmware not stock Wyze.

His are in and outside on commercial property.

  1. 10 v2 cams (and a lot of bridges, sensors and plugs)
  2. All cams are running either 64GB or 128GB Samsung PRO Endurance Micro SDXC cards. 1 cam is set to continuous recording, all others are events only.
  3. All cams operate over a 6-puck Google Wifi mesh network in a 3-level 3,000 sq. ft. house (2 pucks per floor, opposite ends, high wall mounted). Mesh network is connected to dedicated 100/100Mbps FIOS.
  4. CMC is applied to 3 cams.
  5. All bridged and outdoor v2 cams are powered by inexpensive 2A USB power adapters. Non-bridged and indoor v2 cams are powered by the standard Wyze 1A USB power adapters. Outdoor cams are connected via generic 16 foot USB cables. Indoor cams are connected via the standard Wyze USB cables. No cams are daisy-chained.
  6. Cams are grouped and monitored via Android tablets on a Gigabit Ethernet LAN.
  7. Not running RTSP.
  8. Other than occasional event notification delays and minor landscape orientation glitches, I haven’t encountered a single problem with any of my Wyze products. No problems with Wi-fi availability/reliability. No problems with microSD card size/use.

Thks very much for the replies. Gives a better sense of where things are at.