Any plans for sound activated recording?

Currently only motion events will record to SD card.
This appears to apply to V3, V2, and Pancam.
Its hard to understand why this is not a feature since there is a microphone and software is setup to ‘detect’ audio for notifications .
If they have gone to the trouble of Notifying me about an audio event why won’t they allow me to record the event to my SD card?

Will we ever get sound activated recording?

I just ran a quick sound test on a Cam v3 and it appears to work fine. Maybe I’m misinterpreting your issue or your cam settings are incorrect?


Cloud Events list:

Cloud Event recording:

SD card recording and Playback:

Cam setting for Sound Event recording:

Cam setting for Sound Event notification:

Cam setting to Record Sound “on”:


I have always gotten, and still do get, sound activated recordings.

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I think the terminology and multiple meanings of event tends to confuse things:

A sound ‘event’ will cause a notification allowing the user to click the notification and view/listen to the event from the cloud - all 12 seconds of it

That same ‘event’ will not record to the SD card ( unless it is set to continuous recording) so you cannot get to it via the ‘view playback’ button

If Detects Motion is turn on, then the SD card WILL record the motion so it shows up in the ‘view playback’ timeline for the duration of the event ( could be way longer than 12 S)

I want the camera to record sound triggered events to the SD just like it does with motion triggered events

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Thank you for the clarification! :+1: You are correct, sound detection with SD recording set to Events Only will not write a sound triggered video event to the SD card. If you don’t wish to set your SD recording to Continuous, please vote for this Wishlist topic:


And with that may I recommend setting your SD recording to Continuous :slight_smile:

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Well that does allow me to capture the audio but then I have to find it. Consider the difficulty of finding and isolating 60 seconds of interesting audio somewhere in the last 5 days of captured video - how would you do it?

Other than a painful, manual search (scrubbing), the only way is to view the Sound Event of interest and tap the Playback button on that Event. The Playback button takes you to the spot in the continuous SD recording that matches the Event time (see screenshots above).

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