Any idea what this glowing is in my basement?

So I have a Wyze pan cam in my basement. Have a bit of a mouse issue that I am working on. I am fairly certain it is the first generation pan cam. Anyway, there have been a few occasions where the cam will record this glowing area. There is a tarp where the glowing is coming from. It seems to happen around the same time each morning and has happened 3 times. It is most unusual. It looks like glowing lava or something. Anyway, any ideas what could cause this? Do any wild creatures/animals reflect light in glowing pattern like this? Video captured by the same camera later the same day looks normal so don’t think there is anything on the lens. I would upload the video but it won’t let me.

My cameras record critters like :raccoon: possums and cats every night and none of the reflect any light except their eyes like this guy.

The Mods have upped your trust level, so you should be able to upload a clip now. :slight_smile:

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My original post has one video, and here is the other…

Looks like light coming in from outdoors, maybe thru tree leaves or something. Might be the same time of day because the sun has to be in a certain position for the light to appear. Do you have small surface windows down there at ground level?


No. The only “windows” are small little basement vents to the outside of the house but the vents are closed. And I have only seen this happen on the camera on two different days, no other days. So strange. It is possible that it has happened other days but it did not trigger the camera to record. So I will plan to check the camera around the time this happened in the morning again.

Wherever that much light is getting into the basement is probably how the mice are getting in…

On the second one, looks like the sun? Light is coming from upper left of the camera view. Shining on the 2x4 looking thing then on the part in the back.

I bet if you set the camera to do a time lapse .on a sunny day and watch the sun shine through the hole? And trace along the wall of floor on the right. That would deff show if this is sunlight or not as the sun tracks across the sky.


So I just looked at the vents again and one of them is indeed cracked slightly open. So that must be it! The vent must have somehow opened slightly. Maybe one of the mice! Thanks everyone for calming my fears that lava was coming up from the floors…