Any help here with setting up an Alexa routine?

Good evening everyone

This has been boggling my mind for months no and I would appreciate some help from anyone

I have a wyze bulb installed on my front porch , I have a v3 covering the same porch area .

I want to set up a rule to turn on the porch light at 6:30 pm, and from 6:30 pm - 7 am , if my front porch cam detects a person set the brightness to 100% , wait 30 minutes and then set back to 15% . Turn off the bulb at 7 am .

I can do this on the wyze app and set it up as a rule but on the wyze app it doesn’t allow you to add a WAIT action . Which is what I want , and not turn off the light at all . Keep it completely on the entire time . I can’t seem to add this all together in the routine on the Alexa app.

If I set up two separate rules :

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It works but the issue is that since the routine to turn on the bulb and set to 15% is enabled , when my front camera detects a person and sets the bulb to 100% , the second routine comes into play and kicks in and returns my bulb to 15% after like a minute .

Any Alexa routine geniuses here who can help me please

I just want all of this simultaneously all together in one routine ,

@ 6:30 pm , set bulb to 15%

From 6:30 pm - 7 am when front camera detects a person , set to 100% , WAIT 30 minutes , set to 15%

Turn off at 7 am

Any help here , please and thank you!

You need to setup multiple routines:

Routine 1: Turn Bulb on at 6:30 15%
Routine 2: Turn Bulb off at 7am
Routine 3: Person Detected on Camera, set Bulbs to 100% Wait 30 minutes and set Brightness to 15% but only during the hours of 6:30pm - 7:00am


@spamoni4 you are a genius my friend

Thank you so much . Have a good evening :slight_smile:


No Problem, you have a great evening as well

I have been doing some weird things with Alexa, like setting it up to show the camera on my Echo SHow for a period of time and then turn the display off. works nicely cause then I can see what is going on automatically


Follow up to this . It worked !!

Idk why I didn’t think of setting up the two rules like that . It makes so much sense now . After months of trying to get this to work , @spamoni4 you came in and solved it swiftly after months of literally twisting my mind over this .

This is why I appreciate the help on this forum . Thanks so much again @spamoni4 !! :heart:

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You are very welcome. Glad it worked out. :wink:

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Hey good evening Spam

The help above was greatly appreciated but now I have been running into a weird occurrence.

When the camera detects a person , the bulb sets to 100% BUT now I’ve noticed that the bulb will not stay at 100% for 30 minutes. Less than a minute after it’s been set to 100% after the cam detects a person , the bulb will go back to 15% less than a minute after.

I have no other routines in the Alexa app or any rules in the Wyze app.

Any help here


Can you post a picture of the routine?

Looking into it. Will see what I can find

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It works majority of the time , the bulb sets to 100 , stays on 100% for 30 minutes and then goes to 15%

But a few times it won’t work .

Camera detects a person , says bulb to 100% BUT the bulb gets set back to 15% less than a minute after it’s been set to 100%

Strange behavior

Yea, I was testing and it works. Sometimes there could be issues. I was checking online and some say to rebuild the routine. Delete the original one and create a new one.

Delete all 3 or just this specific routine ?

What I read said to delete the routine and add it back again. So I took it as the entire Routine

No when I said all 3 routines

I’m refereeing the 3 separate routines I already set up

Routine 1: turn on bulb at 15% at 5 pm

Routine 2 : when camera detects person set bulb to 100% , wait 30 minutes , and set to bulb back to 15% from 5 pm - 7 am

Routine 3: turn off bulb at 7 am

Do I delete the whole routine 2 ? And add it again

Nope, just the one which has the Wait in it

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