Another Un-happy customer

I have the Pan V3 with a Plus subscription. I contacted Wyze to report that EVENTS kept notifying me of a vehicle WHICH WAS MINE THAT WAS PARKED. Countless calls and trials and they said engineers are working on it. Now the camera picks up no vehicle, people or pets at night. Okay during the day but nothing at night WHEN ITS REALLY NEEDED!
More countless calls and they said camera defective (under warranty) and will send me a gift card for a replacement. HOWEVER, I still would have to pay shipping and tax! SERIOUSLY! Terrible policy for a warranted item.
More calls and they confirmed having to pay the tax and shipping. I now demanded a refund for my Plus subscription since it is worthless and doesn’t work. Here’s their answer…” We will cancel your subscription but cannot issue a refund”.
I swear I am in some twilight zone. This is a terrible company and to save a few $$, they will now have a formal complaint against them and bad reviews all over.
How you treat customers like this is a disgrace. The camera was originally purchased from Wyze…just replace it!

Lol. Welcome to Wyze. My front door cam indentifies all cars as people

Did you come to the forum with this prior to contacting support? If you have the Smart Detection for Vehicle on, then your cam was operating normally.

The Wyze Server AI that tags Smart Detection has absolutely no discrimination between moving and non-moving objects. Anything can initiate a “Motion Activated Upload” depending on your Detection Sensitivity and Detection Zone… A bug, a bird, leaves blowing, sunbeams moving, pets, etc.

Once the trigger is pulled and the video is uploaded, the AI Bot on the server does not see any motion whatsoever. It inspects every individual still frame of the video, 20 per second, for the AI object. If it is found within the detection zone in any single frame, it gets tagged… moving or inanimate.

As for the cam not working at night, what settings did you change? What is the sensitivity? Are you using Color Night Vision? IR Night Vision? Are the IR Lights on? What is the firmware version?

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How do you know it is the car being tagged as a person and not some other object in the frames \ FOV that is being improperly tagged as a person?

Do you have a screenshot or video of the improperly tagged event?

Almost every time a car drives by my house, i get a notification that a person was detected. There’s no way the cam is seeing the driver of the vehicle, its too small and too far away. This is with cam plus lite. Its just something I’ve accepted and live with. I just find it comical.

The car is most likely the object in motion that is initiating the motion activated upload to the server. But I will again ask, how do you know it is the car being tagged as a person and not some other object in the frames \ FOV that is being improperly tagged as a person?

If you post a screenshot or video, those of us who have gone thru the process of tuning a cam and adjusting the FOV to reduce these false AI tags will most likely be able to spot and suggest which stationary object in the FOV the cam thinks is the person. I can almost guarantee that neither the car nor the driver is being tagged as a person.

So, i have motion tagging turned off. I find the green floating box annoying. I’m not bothered by the misidentification. A car drives, by, i get a person alert. There is nothing else moving in the frame. Just the stationary houses and trees in the background. Don’t worry about it. I’m not going to take the effort to upload a clip. I don’t care about it that much.

Just a note, CamPlus Lite doesn’t identify vehicles, only person.


trekgod2 - This might not fit exactly what’s happening in your situation, but it’s an example of what CAN (and will) happen. If you have a bush in your yard that kind of resembles a person, and a car drives by, the car will cause the video to be sent to the server to be analyzed. The bush will be identified as a person and you will get notified. This happens a LOT and most people don’t believe that anything in the field of view (FOV) could possibly look even a little like a person.