Another ASUS router tip and maybe other routers as well

So I have 46 IOT devices connected at home and at around 32 items I found I was unable to connect more of them.

After some serious troubleshooting I discovered that the router has a limitation on the “Clients Name” field. The client names for some of my items were exceedingly long such as:


My LifX globes also had long names in the router and by chance I discovered that the router had reached its limit for that one field and would not allow any new connections.

I shortened all of my device names to just a few characters such as Sonos, Lifx, Wyze, Wemo etc because it made no difference to the device apps at all and now I can connect new devices without issue.

I reported this to ASUS as well…but I thought in case you have issues its another path to troubleshoot down.


If ASUS doesn’t bother fixing this, consider using merlin firmware on your router. It’s basically ASUS firmware that someone else looked over and fixed up.

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I’ve had two ASUS routers and I loaded the Merlin firmware on both. Custom firmwares get a bad rep for instability and complexity (looking at you DD-WRT), but as you said the Merlin firmware is basically stock firmware with a bunch of fixes and nice features added. Many times I’ve heard about issues with ASUS routers and thought “weird, I’ve never had that issue”, then I see that it was fixed in Merlin’s firmware :smile:

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Many routers have a device limitation of 32 devices per network. In other words, 32 on the 2.4Ghz, and then an additional 32 on the 5Ghz.

Not knowing your router model, I would recommend checking with the Asus support site and/or forums. I had a similar limitation with my old Netgear R7000. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Yeah I found out that free routers from an ISP can max out at 15-25 WiFi devices (mines 20), but on top of that the DHCP server is limited to 30 on the one I have so even hardwiring as much as possible I had issues

Netgear gaming routers can handle 70 devices, most providers don’t specify, I looked at a Cisco and that was only rated for 35 devices

I ended up getting a commercial router, rated for 120 WiFi devices (2.5ghz, 5ghz or a combination) 200 Lan devices, 250 DHCP clients

Wonder if the amount of connections effect what drops out & what’s stable