Another app update - another hour trying to get my cams to work!

Ok - I got an app update today so I dutifully installed it.

I pressed the button I have on the home screen that uses rules to switch on 6 of my V3s … They didn’t switch on!!!.

So … Pressed the individual buttons for each cam … They didn’t switch on.

Then … Pressed the thumbnail and it took me to the settings screen and pressed the on button there … They didn’t switch on.

Force stopped the app and tried all of the above again … All my cams stayed off.

Restarted my phone ( Android 12) … And all the cams were on when I opened the app.

Now I dare not switch then off!!!

Why do I always expect problems when I install an update? and why do I normally get problems?

I need the cameras to be on tonight but I will pluck up the courage to switch them off tomorrow !!!

Update on this.

I turned all my cameras off individually using the button on the homepage - two of them turned themselves on again.

Turned them off using my rules - she ones turned on again.

Force stopped the app - restarted the cameras - per cycled the cameras. Some are still turning themselves on!!!

What is happening Wyze?

Another new update that has broken something!!!