Another App Triggers Recording

I use a O2 monitor from and they have a great app which monitors and records my O2 through the night. It would be great if the Lookeetech app could trigger recording when my O2 drops to a preset level. It would also be cool if the Wyze could put the O2 level in the video being recorded.

LOTS of people have sleep apnea and this kind of integration would be super helpful.

I currently use the WyzeCam to do a time-lapse of my sleeping and that’s helpful to correlate with my recorded O2 level. But, it would be much better to have real-time recording to get a better understanding.


If your O2 monitor has IFTTT trigger support, then you could use the LookeeTech trigger to start a Wyze Cam 12 second video clip. To record the level, you would probably need a 2nd Wyze Cam focused on the O2 monitor’s display.