Annoying bug found in band with latest firmware

I want to report a (pretty annoying) bug I found on my brand new band with the latest firmware + Wyze app installed in iOS (not the latest version, now I´ll check with the newest). Already did that through the app, but I have extra news about it.

I decided to change the order of the screens, placing “Shortcuts” in 2nd place and “Activity” in 3rd. After doing that, in the upper part of the band face screen the no-bluetooth sign appeared and the battery indicator level showed as it were completely charged (when it was actually at a 48%). Moreover, if I go to settings in the app and select “Show battery level”, and illegible letter/typo appears as well. (see attachment)

I found no way to undo this (screens back to original place, rebooting several times, etc, etc), that is why I consider it an annoying bug; the only way was to reset the band and delete it from the app. I checked twice more (placing “Shortcuts” in 2nd place and “Activity” in 3rd) and the same issues appeared,

Hope it helps (and sorry for my rusty english). Greetings!!



This bug disappeared with latest version of the Wyze App for iOS :wink: :sweat_smile: