Animal detection to start event recordinggr

It would be great if a dog walking would trigger a recording event. A dog is usually what you see first before a person in a recorded event when they are being walked. Many times, the video event will start recording when a person is already halfway through the scene.

Movement starts the recording, not people or pets. When movement corresponding to the threshold you have set in motion detection sensitivity is reached, an event recording is started. That recording is then shipped to the cloud to be stored as an event.

If you have an AI service selected for that camera, the recording is then processed to see if it recognizes anything. This is for labeling and notifications only. The event has already been captured. Based on the result of the AI processing, you may or may not be notified (say if you only want to be notified of people), but the same motion-triggered clip still remains in your events.

I routinely capture squirrels, rabbits, and birds in my driveway because my motion sensitivity is set very high. I also have the AI set NOT to notify me unless it sees a person (the birds, squirrels and rabbits are considered ‘pets’, lol).

So, you might try setting your motion detection sensitivity higher. Then it may capture the person who is motion-triggering the recording a bit earlier.

I have a camera in the backyard. I let my dog out and would like to let him do his business while I do other things (e.g. make coffee). The dog isn’t consistent yet, so I’d like AI that detects when he pees and poops. If it could also track the poops, it would give me a map to the treasures when cleaning the yard.

Is this just a famtasy dream, or is it within the miracle of AI detection?

Here’s an example of what I’m looking for

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You’ll probably be able to train Wyze Anything Recognition to recognize this when it releases lol