Android Version 2.5.36 Released!

Me too. I reinstalled on tablet, still a lag. It’s now fine on my phone since the last update.

Not sure what else to do but remove it from my tablet.

You could uninstall that app from your tablet and run V2.4.82 you can find the file for V2.4.82 in link below to download and install it , make sure you uninstall the other one first and then make sure you turn off automatic updates.
One thing though with V2.4.82 you won’t have access to any plugs you might have.

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Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn,

Another thing I wanted to mention concerning cam streams is that I’ve noticed the app hesitates when changing streams within the same session.

For example, I’ve configured (2) separate cam pan groups for my parents’ house. Often, connecting to the first group will be crisp, but when I back out to the main screen and choose the second group the cams can be very laggy, cams will eventually time-out, etc. However, when I back all the way out of the app or close it and go back into the second group, they all come up right away. The same is true when changing from a group to an individual cam and vice versa. This doesn’t happen every single time, but I’ve definitely noticed it since the app went to v2.5.28.

Posting this here since many of the streaming fixes are focused on the current release. Can send logs if necessary, but figured many already have for similar trouble.

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Is hardware acceleration back?

They addressed the lag issue due to the Hardware Acceleration removal with this new app release. See post #1

Android 2.5.36

  • Improved the video lag issue when viewing the live stream, Playback, or Event videos

No. I was told since hardware acceleration didn’t affect a lot of users they were not going to try and bring it back.


Good to know.

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No issues anymore!
Running S8 on Pie, Nexus 4 on Pie, Tab S2 on Nougat.

Enhanced task scheduling could also be a component of the hub concept… :upside_down_face:

Hi @HDRock, is the 2.5.36 lag the same you were experiencing in V2.5.28 with the Nexus 7 (2013)? Have you tried running V2.6 beta on it?

I’ve been hunkered happily with 2.5.28 but the features of the upcoming 2.6 are some I’ve been waiting for so I’ll be dipping my toe into that update.

I didn’t test V2.5.28 on that device, I jumped from V2.4.82 to V2.5.30 then V2.5.36
I haven’t tested beta V2.6.33 but I will , I’ll let ya know


Beta app V2.6.33 on the Nexus 7 tablet Android V6.0.1 , there really isn’t much lag at all , maybe a second , firmware is V4.9.4.169
Tested with All cameras in HD mode , individual cameras , not multiview
At first, I was having trouble with the camera I was testing with , lag time was inconsistent and not very good , anyway , found out I had a power problem with that V2 camera that is wearing the sensor bridge.
Testing lag time on a couple other cameras including one pan cam and as I said not much leg at all.
If you wanted to run 2.5.36 or Beta V2.6.33 you should be good

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Good news, HD, thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

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Appears newest update fixed my Lag problem. Good work Wyze team!

Are you running an oldie, too?

Latest beta on 5 new V2’s bought on Wyzeday. device is a Samsung J3, A7.1.1, all on a relatively fast network , 10 plus down and up. I’m getting a 6 to 20 second lag when I wave my hand in front of the camera, evidence of dropped frames.

Performance used to be FAR better, < 3 second lag.

Obviously I need to get another phone :frowning: It looks like I’ve got to spend $100 which would have bought 5 cams.
But when will Wyze do another “upgrade” and make the next phone obsolete?
/edit - tried FW .169, .108 and the latest two. All had significant lag.
Time to break out the Reolinks :frowning:

Sorry didn’t answer earlier. I use a Droid Turbo. A few years old for sure but I really like this phone.

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Tried it out: