Android version 2.0.23 often stuck, especially when using "voice"

my cellphone is android 8, wyze app works well before upgrading to version 2.0.23.

After upgrading, wyze app stuck very often, so have to restart the app. Moreover, when I hold voice button, mostly this app stops to work and need to restart, or no response when click voice button

is it possible to back to last version?

If you backed up your old app then you can revert back. I had issues as well.

What is the voice button? Before reverting I would try to clear the cache of data used by the app and restart the phone.

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Ver 2 is so slow. I tried learning ca he and restarting. It’s painfully slow. It was fine on previous version. What happened

Seems I am not alone, restart cellphone also useless

Wyze v.2.0.23 frozen for me too on my Samsung S8. Very disappointing.