(Android) Unable to reply videos from Notifications

I have an LG V20 that I am unable to replay the video within the Notification tab. I have reinstalled the application on my device and have done a cold restart on my device as well. I declined to factory reset the device as I do not experience and any other issues with apps relevant to video playback. This issue does not occur on a iPhone X, I have tested the functionality on the iPhone X app version 1.2.84. The Android app version 1.2.76 seems to be affected. The Just play store does not list any notifications for an update. I understand revisions may differ between both the Android and Apple platform. Please consider this as a bug in the Android platform. Please see the attached images, thank you kindly.

Same here. I have Android (Huawei Mate SE, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage) with “Nougat” and I am able to play video once, but no replay. It gets stuck if I tried to slide the slider to beginning. Only workaround for replaying a clip is to go back to “Notifications” and play once more. But the problem with that is that notification list is re-ordered when you go back so again you have to find the exact video you were playing the first time.