Android Phone v iPad notifications

At the risk of making myself look daft I thought I would try asking this question🙂

I have recently noticed that the number of events that are logged and are viewable via the app differs between these two devices. I have two v3 cams ( getting on for a year old now) one with the Cam plus service. As far as I can see I have all the appropriate firmware/ app updates etc. I’m not aware of any changes to the settings on the apps between the two devices?
I get way more via the iPad. Any thoughts? Have I missed something really obvious?

On a completely separate note I recently added a booster gizmo to help with a slightly dodgy WiFi signal to the one camera. Suffice to say problem solved!

Log in with the same username on both devices? Do you have different filters enabled on both devices? Able to show screenshots of the event tab differences? What
actual app versions are on both devices?


Filters was the key! :+1:

Not sure why they ended up different as I would have thought I would have set them up the same way each time?

Much obliged :slightly_smiling_face:

Now if only I could get the AI to stop telling me that our regular bat visitor is a “Person”. No really it does :thinking:.
Unless of course it’s that Bat Person :grin:


Well, it could be Batman?

Who knows😊

And don’t get me started about Spider’s webs over the camera!

Spiderman as well! Wow!