Android beta app for Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware test 10/22/2020

Are you still not able to update to the WCO beta firmware?


I am still unable to update my WCO firmware. Here is a video of it failing, and showing the firmware versions of the WCO and the base station, as well as the app version.

Thanks for the video! Can you send me an app log and let me know the log ID number?
An alternative way is to flash the camera with an SD card. Once we take a look at your log, I’ll send you the instructions.

So I just received 2 WCO cameras that I pre-ordered and I have updated the cameras and base station to the current versions with no issue. I was looking to add the person detection that is being tested but it does not seem to be available to add under services. I can see the cams in the list but they are greyed out. Not even a free 14 day free trial like indoor cameras?

Log submitted, 53067 is the ticket number it provided.

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How about a dark mode beta??? Please!!! Soooo many people want this!

Please make a dark mode for the app!!! I have my phone facing me every night to watch my 1yo on the camera. It is a real pain when I already have blue light off and the brightness all the way down. Still bright in my dark bedroom when I’m trying to sleep.

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On Android 10 and up you can force dark mode in the developer options.

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Does this change every app to dark mode? Also I don’t see it in developer options on my Galaxy Note 10+. Is there a trick to make this option appear?


The option is available under the “Hardware Accelerated Renedering” section in the developer options on the Note 10 +

It will also change other apps to dark mode.

Got it. Thanks!

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Here’s the instruction on how to flash your WCO with an SD card.

How to flash WCO firmware with a micro SD card

  1. Unzip the firmware file to root directory. The folder name is “sd_update”

  2. Insert the SD card into the WCO. Switch the camera OFF and ON in the back of the camera.

  3. Now the camera will enter firmware flashing progress. During this time, the status light will be solid yellow and blue light (purple-ish color).

  4. Wait until the status light becomes solid blue again. It means the firmware flashing is complete.

  5. Take out the SD card and remove the folder “sd_update”. Otherwise, the camera will enter firmware flashing mode every time it reboots.

  6. Switch the camera OFF and ON again and WCO firmware is updated successfully.


I am unable to download the linked file. Chrome says “Failed - Forbidden” when trying to save as, and when opening in a new tab I get this:

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

Sorry there was an error on my side but I just tested it and it’s working now.

Thanks! Followed the instructions and flashed Had no issues with that process and it booted up fine afterwards. Attempting to use the firmware upgrade option within the app to get it to (the latest version currently shown by the app) failed, essentially the same as previously.

I have submitted logs again, ticket ID 55249.

Just following up on this again. It has been 23 days since I manually updated the firmware to as stated above. In that time, I have not been able to further update the Wyze Cam Outdoor firmware via the app.

Thanks @WyzeLi, this worked!

Same for flashing Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station Firmware with a micro SD card:

Maybe we could add this to ?

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