Android App V1.4.31 released to Beta testing!

Hi folks,
Second release of the day!
Android app 1.4.31 is released to Beta testing.

The changes include:

  • Add ‘Restart Device’ in camera settings
  • Changed device ON/OFF status until the operation is complete
  • Added IoT offline warning message
  • Added downgrade firmware option when on the latest firmware (beta only feature)
  • Changed playback error message when another device is accessing playback video
  • Bug fixes

Suggest testing areas:
– New 1.4 features
– Regular usage

Running on a Pixel XL 2, Android v 8.1.0


Just set up my second Pan Cam today. After I finished setting the Alerts, I went to my 1st camera to double-check those alerts - the All day is toggled off (shouldn’t be), when I try to turn it on it says “Operation failed”. I force close the app, reopen and go to that 1st cam - All day now shows as on (even though the operation supposedly failed). However, if I go back to the Devices page, open Cam 2, then go back and open Cam 1 again, All day now shows as off again. Meanwhile the Alert settings for Cam 2 stay the way I set them with no problem.

Hi, this seems to be an issue with connecting to Pan. Can you close the app, reproduce the issue and then send us a log via My Account -> Help&Feedback -> Feedback? It will send a log to our support. Please reply with your ticket # here so we can track it a lot faster.



Submitted it via the feedback link in the app, but didn’t get a ticket #. Maybe it just takes a while to get one???

you should get a ticket # now by our automated system. If you don’t see it, let us know.



Must’ve goofed it up the first time. Tried again and got it - Support Ticket #66985

Got it. I will close your ticket from our support system and follow up with you later. Likely a connection failure to the camera

I’ve been getting that a lot as well with the V1 cameras. I’ve got 2 V2, two pan cameras, and 2 V1 cameras. I’m running the software with your latest beta and using a Google Pixel 2.

Can you close your app first and then repro the issue. Then please go to My Account -> Help&Feedback -> Feedback to submit a feedback with a brief issue description. If you want to make it faster, you can send the feedback email to me ( instead of Thanks!

Yes email sent.