Android 12

Your Wyze app would seem not compatible with Android 12. I could not get my Pixel 6 to find it and sync it with Alexa but on my old Pixel 3 it worked just fine "

Welcome to the community @Snowman1 . I am a community member as you, but try to help out when I can.

I am currently running a Pixel 6 with Android 12. I have the Wyze App installed and working fine. Alexa is integrated as well.

How are you trying to integrate Alexa with the Pixel? It is part of the App, so when you log on, it should automatically be there when you go to the smart integration menu under the Account Menu.

Can you provide a little more detail and screen shots of what you are seeing if possible?

For example: what do you mean by could not get my Pixel 6 to find it and sync?

Is it safe to assume you already added the Wyze Skill to Alexa?

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On the Pixel 6 Alexa would not find the wyze plug as a device, on the Pixel 3 it would. All are on the same Wi-Fi network. So I simply set it up on the 3 and everything is working fine. The plug still does not show up as a device in Alexa on the 6 but does on the 3. The plug does show up on the Wyze app on both but since we use the plug through Alexa “turn lights on” turn light off” it needed to be integrated.

WYZE app ver 2.25.31

Alexa app ver. 2.2435197.0


Sorry for my ignorance. I am confused by this. Wyze skill loads your content from Wyze integration and not directly from the phone, I believe. So if you were to logon to your Wyze app on either phone with the same account, you should see the same thing.

the Alexa App, run from either phone would show the same as well. Are you sure you are using the same Amazon Account Credentials?


Tried to send screenshots but the forum wouldn’t let me.
The Pixel 3 does not have a signed-in WYZE app but the WYZE plug and two cameras I have show up in the Alexa Devices. The Pixel 6 with the WYZE app does not show any of the devices in the Alexa app and will not discover them.

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I am also running a Pixel 6 with Alexa… no issues with seeing devices, granted my devices were setup prior to moving to the Pixel 6. I am interested in the screenshot as well.

In the meantime do your pixel devices have the same app versions of Alexa and Wyze?


Pixel 6 Alexa app ver. 2.2435197.0, WYZE2.25.31
Pixel 3 XL Alexa app ver 2.2.435197.0 no WYZE app

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I am running the Following:

Pixel 6 Nov. patch release
Alexa App Version: 2.2.435197.0
Wyze App: 2.26.16.

I signed up to be a beta tester by going here: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

By signing up you will get Beta Releases of the App. You can then Beta Test Firmware as well by going to the Account Menu Choice, scroll to the bottom and select about. Then select Beta Program. This will being you to the area for selecting the Beta FW, select Edit and check the items you wish to test FW for, then select Save.

FYI, beta testing Apps and FW can be a positive experience. But you will also run into issues which you need to report to the Beta forums. If you are willing to test products this is a good way to see what is coming.

On your Pixel 6 can open the Alexa App, Go to Devices at the bottom, Then Plugs at the top. Are you not seeing the Wyze plug there?

I’m going to be gone for the evening will try tomorrow, thanks for your help

No worries. Have a great night.