An idea that is simple to build

It would be a good feature to receive a notification when no trigger event happens in a day/week/month/etc. (maybe we already have this feature?)

We use camera to keep track of our old parents and all we want is to ensure that the camera is triggered once a day indicating that they are moving about in the house. So, rather than checking the camera daily (and see a head near the fridge) we could just receive a notification that the camera was not triggered ove the last 24 hours. This allow us to take the appropriate action.

Thank you.

Another idea. Over the years others have voiced similar suggestions or asked questions how to. One of the most popular ideas put forwarded and praised by folks was to install a couple of camera - at floor level, not head/body level. At floor level, allows detection of feet walking by, or if (heaven forbid), someone fell, to see them struggling and could dispatch help.

One person’s elder father sleep walked at night. And one person placed a camera under the bed and the person detection revealed when the gentlemen got up at night. Solved the problem without compromising privacy.

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Did that for a long time. Kept tabs on a sick dog prone to epileptic seizures with cameras aimed at floor level, without compromising privacy.

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Thanks @shahram_alavian for this idea.

We are working on something similar, but sort of the opposite of this haha. For security purposes, we mostly are interested in finding out “Hey, what is abnormal behavior?” Where essentially we use AI to discover what events around the house occur at usual times (AKA I always come home around 6PM) and what things are totally abnormal (Pet on the porch for example), and we would use that AI to alert you of abnormal activity vs normal activity.

Of course, the argument could be made that you may not trust the AI to know what is abnormal or not. That’s understandable too. We are still trying though.


This is kinda kludgy but it may serve. If I’m wrong the community will surely point it out. :slight_smile:

Two cams and a bulb

Turn ON Bulb

Floor Level Cam
-Motion Detection ON
-Notifications OFF

Rule 1
If motion detected by Floor Level Cam turn OFF Bulb

Living Space Cam
-Motion Detection OFF
-Notifications ON

Rule 2
If Bulb has been OFF for 24 hrs
-Upload short video to the cloud (will be tagged Automation)
-Turn Bulb ON

I’m 79 and live alone, far from my children. Before discovering Wyze, I bought a Blink mini on a base that can be rotated. I added the kids to the Blink app. It alerts them whenever I go in the kitchen. I joked and told them that if there is no activity they should call local authorities who will hopefully get here before my corpse starts to stink! I imagine something similar could be done with a Wyze cam.


That was/is a good idea. Also, does not be a camera to be effective. You could add a couple of motion sensors. The mere history for each sensor represents the date/time of movement without compromising privacy.

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You can do this with a Wyze camera right? Just share the camera with your kids in the Wyze app I believe.

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Probably. I can’t say for sure. The Blink app sends them notifications. Would the Wyze app do that?

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Yes it would!

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Here are the instructions!

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Unless @trudymcd has Cam+, sharing isn’t going to work in her case. It’s because her children won’t be able to see SD-recorded events, and Cam+ Lite is going to miss things. She’s better off sharing her login.

Edit - that’s also assuming she doesn’t get the greyed out SD playback bug.

The Wyze Cam Pan v3 looks like it would work like the Blink mini I have. I like that it can be easily mounted. I don’t know about the subscription services available or what else might be needed for someone in my situation.

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$20 a year for the subscription, not too terrible

If you’re a senior residing alone and you have medical insurance/Medicare, consider getting a personal emergency alert device, especially if you’re prone to falls. It should be covered by your insurance. A Wyze camera helps but it isn’t sufficient nor reliable enough.

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I’m active and basically healthy. With Afib could have a stroke. Living will is DNR. Just don’t want my corpse stinking up the neighborhood! :laughing:

Is this Cam+ mention byp2788deal above?

Yep, you can find more details about cam plus here:

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Regardless of the trust one might have in the AI, what @shahram_alavian suggested seems on its face that it would be simpler to implement and not require AI at all. This seems like it could be a function that scans a log on a schedule and then generates a notification if no events are detected within a specified time frame.

Should this be a Wishlist item?