An Android APP or better a WIN PC program that just displays the line wifi feed

The existing phone app is great. I’m guessing I can put on a tablet or Kindle and use the android app too. My suggestion is a stand alone android app or better a program that can using the wifi feed show what the camera sees only. If there is one cmera, it shoes full screen. If more than one it shows split screen up to MAX of four camera feeds in quarter screen sections. The feed can be shown with the camera ID captioned on the screen. This would allow veiwing camera feeds on a larger tablet or PC screen. No camera controlling or sound, just feeds and maybe clicking on a camera to bring it to full screen. If it could also maybe a screensaver that one feed shows with a Wyze Cam logo bounces around slowly to refresh screen so no long burn in.
It would be great to show backyard feed to observe mt dogs or whos in the backyard. Whos at front door?
To add revenue this could be an optional cost addon for download for a nominal cost to pay for writtingthe code and supporting it.

Great Suggestion. I agree multiple view is very important