Amazing spotlight kit mod

Here is the spotlight pc board. I want the cam to turn on my 110v floodlights instead of its IR sensor.

Using a HiLetgo 5V One Channel Relay Module Relay Switch with OPTO Isolation High Low Level Trigger
and connect it to the led wires. I am going to drill a hole after removing one screw to feed the wires out the back. On the next spotlight I will use acetone to loosen the front lens and glue it back in.


Update. I ended up just using a 12v 10 amp relay with a diode across the coil of the relay. I am using 2 SYLVANIA Night Chaser LED PAR38 Light Bulb, 250W Equivalent Efficient 25W, Dimmable, Super Bright 2650 Lumens bulbs. Placed everything in a Weatherproof Electrical Outlet Box, PVC Wall Junction Box Outlet Box Single-Gang from lowes. Removed the old PIR sensor from the existing light assembly and mounted this box instead. I swapped the leads that came with the spotlight so the longer end goes to the V3.

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