Am I using a fake wyze app?

I was looking at my list of downloaded apps and my wyze app address name is com.hualai do I have the correct app or is this malware?

It’s the correct app.

What happened was when Wyze first started up, they didn’t have a lot of their own app programmers yet like they do now, so they had the company Hualai (their ODM supplier of the Wyze Cam v1 at the time) make a rough app foundation for them to run a camera on. Hualai registered the app with Google Play, and so now Google still has it registered under Hualai even though Wyze has all their own App programmers doing everything now.


That is correct. Hualai is one of Wyzes software partners that helped with the original development of the wyze app.


Thank you both for the information. I feel better knowing this.


if you happen to try to pull the apk yourself it will also read like this ( an option to android in certain circumstances) again nothing to worry about.