Am I the idiot in the room? Endless trouble keeping multiple cameras running

It’s could be very true what you say. My original thinking was it might be server based that somewhat coincides with the push to subscriptions and people probably making longer videos with shorter “cool down” periods.
But as I was commenting above on my indoor pan cams, they don’t seem to have any issues, but then again not sure I’d notice on an indoor cam since they shouldn’t trigger much when nobody is in the houses.


I am thrilled to have found your forum. Yes, I thought I was the IDIOT IN THE ROOM with 1.5 yr of constant trouble with this WYZE Outdoor camera system (4) and indoor cam (1). On again off again, and 12 hubs later. Yes, 12 and two replacement outdoor cameras sent to us by WYZE but the techs stopped responding. Said it was our internet connection which is solid (the largest local telecom in our state). If this system had been a few dollars more, I’d be enraged vs disgusted at the waste of valuable man power and time it’s taken to mess with this broken sub-par system masquerading as an affordable security set up. I recently saw ads on Amazon and was tempted to post but that would mean even more time devoted to this funky cheap piece of junk. If anyone has found a better affordable system please post here. Mahalo!

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