Am I seeing my Neighbors home on MY Wyze Cam?

Hi @timyorty, we checked your camera data on our side. Everything looked normal. Your camera was setup a few months ago and no further setup history. The owner looks clean to us too. No matter where you put it you should only see the video from your camera. Now we lost the repro which couldn’t continue to investigate. If it happens again, please let us know ASAP. Thanks!

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So it seems “moved it to another location” is code for “yeah somebody stuck a door in my barn, sorry for the false alarm”.



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i dont work for wyze, but i can imagine these accusations bog down the Wyze team , and move their focus away from fixing real bugs ( like this one pending bug ) .

unless you have hard evidence of such a fundamental flaw, stop spreading such stories.

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Get a screen capture of the notification and field of view from camera.
See if label matches the cams you have set up. Could be cam moved or view looks different at night.

Wyze may need the MAC address of the camera for investigation.

I don’t really find it uncanny - people tend to post when they have an issue. But extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and I agree I’d rather not see precious technical resources wasted on misunderstandings.


Could it be you picked up your neighbor’s phone :joy: ?

No, I believe I picked yours…but found nothing worth looking in there.

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“someone elses signal”? Wyzecams transmit digitally, using addressed packets. You are mixing this up with radio technology from well before the internet age. There are thousands of enthusiasts here on the forum, many with a good grasp of the technology & have been tinkering with wyze cams for most of the 2+ years they have been on the market. No one of them has ever suggested, let alone brought up actual evidence of such a fundamental flaw.

Its more likely your friend installed some game , & pressed accept to give that game full permissions on their phone, Now that game can open up adverts like this


Are you sure? I have the camera pointing at your mirror. :rofl:

[mod edit] she sent the recording with her camera data for proper investigation and follow up. Let see what you have to say then…
And by the way, did you realize that I’m not the one that started this topic? So it must be happening to others also.

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Wrong. You are the only one. The original topic poster, @BJP, admitted right above that he or she had been seeing the default stock placeholder image.

If this sort of thing is happening ALL of us Wyze users would want to know ASAP. So far there is no evidence.

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Literally a open door, that’s not even an old door, it’s a open door on the far left you can see both sides of the hinge and it’s clearly level, I got 20$ on the fact that someone left the barn door open with a camera installed behind it, esp since the feed is called “Barn”.


Yeah was kind of giving him at least a little benefit of the doubt there. :wink:

This thread switched several times. Summary:

  • The 1st was by @BJP resolved by “Wyze was using an image of a generic room as a thumbnail for events”

  • The 2nd incident, “Barn Door” timyorty was resolved when camera moved to a new location.

  • The 3rd incident was gonzo1124 reporting his GF sees an unknown woman at a SC home. The confusion here stems from that post being “withdrawn by author” making it seem to be part of the 2nd.

  • Don’t know if Gonzo1124’s barn door was also open which would make this even more interesting.


Proof has been sent for verification. Can’t wait… :rofl:

Sounding like vindication.

For whom? :wink:

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