Am I Bricked? Hope Not!

I have a Outdoor Cam that was working perfectly, the battery had gotten down to 50% and I charged it back up. Prior to charging, it needed the latest update. After a full charge, it just went MIA - not on my network any longer, the base station had no evidence of it, and furthermore, when I turn it on, the light is yellow for about 30 seconds, goes off and then it’s just seemingly dead.

I tried to bring it back online using the Sync button during the 30 second period that the yellow light is on, but I never get the voice prompt that it’s syncing.

Lastly, I tried to run the update on an sd card with no luck. Ugh…

Any ideas of what to do next?
Is this thing bricked??

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I have the same issue. Just dropped off and now won’t respond or even seemingly turn on.

I had same problem. code 90.
Probably I am Camplus lite user.

The latest base station updates have been very risky sadly. Try deleting all outdoor cams and base stations from the app, unplugging and powering off everything, and setting them all back up. If nothing, contact wyze support, as your going to need a replacement for your base station.

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sounds like spectrum, that the co decided they want update to kill devices so you have to buy a new one

It has been 7 months with no further input, so assuming this issue is resolved?