Am I being double charged for CamPlus on the same Cam v3? Do all shared users need their own CamPlus?

1)I have 2 Cam V3’s and I have CamPlus on both of them.
2)And I share these 2 camera’s with my brother, via sharing option in the app.
3) My Brother also has 2 Cam V3’s and Robot Vacuum, And he shares them with me.
4)He does not have CamPlus on his Cam v3’s.

Question 1): Without the ability to apply a CamPlus to a camera that is shared with me, How can I setup triggers or event notifications for a Camera that is shared with me?
Question 2): Is there something I’m missing, as I’m a bit confused on how best to allow multiple users to adjust their own settings independently, and view their own triggered events?

Hi Chris,

  1. In general, a Cam Plus license is not needed to setup triggers or event notifications.
  2. However, a shared user (User with Shared Cam) cannot change the device settings. Only the main user has access to modify device specific settings. Detection and event recording settings are device specific settings.
  3. A shared user can set up Rules/Automations. You can set Device triggers/Schedules/Shortcuts for the shared cam.
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Thank you noopurzokarkar,
I think I understand now.
So the Camera settings, such as the Detection Zone in the Detection Settings area, is defined by the owner of the camera.
And shared users are not allowed to change the Detection Zone, or any other Camera settings.

I’m trying to determine how I can capture events from one portion of the camera image for people and a shared user wants to track the lower part of the image for packages, and lets say a 3rd user just wants to track pets seen anywhere in the camera’s view?

Can a camera have multiple Detection Zones?
Aren’t these settings actually processed in the Wyze Clouds AI? Meaning they aren’t processing the CamPlus features locally.

Information here:


LOL, exactly what I was looking for. Thx Antonius
Which clarifies that the detection zone is not customizable by Shared users.

On this site if you click on support top right the products you will find a lot of information for your cam or what ever from set up, capabilities and frequently asked questions…