Alternative Plan Option Suggestion

Let face it, the Wyze AI doesn’t work correctly and it’s been a while and hasn’t improved, yet now Wyze wants to add more AI detections which probably won’t work correctly either. The AI has no problem detecting parked vehicles but doesn’t always detect moving vehicles, people or pets, which makes it pointless. And it detects things outside of the grid, something I don’t want it to do and the reason for making a grid.

The only reason I have CamPlus is so I get video longer than 12 seconds with no cool down time, grid detection and cloud storage. So how about this Wyze, give us another CamPlus plan option that doesn’t have AI detection at a lower price point. And yes, I could just turn off the AI detections but I’m paying for the whole thing and it’s not working as advertised, so why keep paying for it?