Alternate Robo Vacuum Cleaning Pattern

Would like the Robo Vacuum not follow the same path each time it runs or at least give the option to ask it to. Alternating directions would be better for the carpets and also assist in getting deep down dirt out of the nap.
i.e., One time it process up and down | | | | |
next time back and forth

Maybe even add in diagonal paths //////// and \\\\\ every now and then if not in a regular rotation.

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I second this! I’m a little over a week in now and while the house looks amazing and I love watching it make the clean lines, I wonder if it would be better to alternate with each cleaning.

The first time I mapped my house it went one direction, I had to reset it to get another room and now it has cleaned a different path and it’s followed that path each cleaning.

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I’m surprised this hasn’t gathered more interest. Mine has wore/impressioned my carpet in some areas that even my normal vacuum cannot fluff back up to remove the lines. This is most apparent near objects and walls. Alternating patterns would definitely help solve this, but I also wonder if the edge sweeper design has something to do with it.

This is mostly for the lines it leaves on the carpet, but add an option to choose what direction the robot cleans (even if it’s not the most efficient way).