Almost burning mobile

Is it usual for a mobile to become very hot when recording? When I’m out and about, I like to check in on my doggy, and I leave the phone in my handbag. Could leaving it in my bag do this? Also, I run out of charge after a few hours. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks :slight_smile:

Um anytime a mobile device is active it is using a heavy amount of power. The screen being illuminated creates heat, the device operating will create heat, and all of this will drain battery. Why are you using your phone to record? Each camera can have a micro SD card installed and record video locally for you to look back and view at anytime (depending on the size card max of 32gb is supported it will record and then delete. I am recording at max video quality and i believe I have 5 days of video to look back and see). You can even set events to record and alert you so you can quickly view an event that has triggered the alert so if your pet is barking you will be notified, if he is running around a Trips the motion sensor it will alert you. Lots of good features here no need to use your phone to record video for you watch later. Hope this helps

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Thanks for all the info cmgrow. I do have a 32gb SD card installed in the camera, so that’s why I thought it was necessary to record, but I’m getting the idea, as you mentioned, that it records even while not turning the record on! Usually, when I go out, I like to peek in on him to see if doggy Bear is okay. But I’ll try not turning on record and following your advice. There’s so much to learn about this cam, it would have been great to have had a manual to come with the cam. However, at least all you peeps are here to ask when I have questions about it :slight_smile: Thanks heaps - I really appreciate it. Will print your reply out, and can refer to it as a guide.

The record feature on your phone is so you can save a video and share if. So if he does something amazing you can upload it and share with people! Go into settings then to advanced settings then local storage and make sure continuous record is on


Great, thanks! I haven’t tried the uploading yet, so I’ll see how I go with that :slight_smile:

Many electronics these days do not come with anything but a quick start guide , to find manuals and any other information about the product , your first stop should be the manufacturers support page that’s where you will find the information you need.
The best practice is to look into the support page from the manufacture of the product before you even buy it.


I did watch Wyze’s videos on Youtube, which helped me set the cam up. I often wondered why iPhone didn’t come with a manual too - so they probably do the same. Will remember to look up the products in future though. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you Newshound. Fantastic!

You read the manual? I thought everything is supposed to be intuitive nowadays? :blush:

Oh yes ,I read manuals and I still have my man card :grinning:

Erm, glang243, we’re not all millennials using technology these days. I am, in fact, from an older generation, being 77 years of age, so give me some slack, please! :blush:

Apologies glang243, my bad :wink:

It is difficult because we did not grow up with this kinda thing, I’m 65.
@qlang243 was just joking with me , no reflection on you at all

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Yes, I realise that now. I’m still trying to find my way around the forum, :smiley:

Erm, I’m no millenial. Yes, I’m joking, but there’s a grain of truth there. Software companies do strive to make products that are intuitive. Think savings in support AND maintenance staff.

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If your iPhone is significantly hot to the touch, you should have the battery checked at an Apple Store or authorized repair center. Especially if it is an older model. Checking the battery shouldn’t cost anything though a replacement is about $99. Batteries wear out over time and can fail.

The only time my iPhone 8+ becomes warm to the touch is after it has been sitting on its charging pad for a while.

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She has the iPhone mistakenly recording video all the time. Any phone will get hot in that situation.

She thought the record button tells the camera to record video to its SD card.


Thanks glang243. However, I don’t understand your last sentence. Maybe it’s because I’m English, living in Australia, so our lingo is different? :slight_smile:

Were you referring to this, “ Think savings in support AND maintenance staff ”?

If a software product is opaque and hard to use, more users will need hand-holding. As a result, the company needs to hire more staff.

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