Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers

I would like to see this too. But I don’t understand why you would want the light at 25% when it is night, and then 100% when it’s daytime.
I would want it the opposite, or not at all during the day.

I have it set that way now Just in my master bed/bath so when I get up in the middle of the night I’m not blinded. :wink:

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My mistake,. for some reason I was thinking he was using them on outside, in a weatherproof fixture. duh… I do this too, my lights come on dimmed at a set time each night. But I turn them off manually.

I agree, IFTTT is not an answer. There isn’t a way to turn off lights triggered by Cam motion detection, just the sensor. I don’t want to buy a kit for each room I want to use this with. If you could buy just the motion sensor, I might consider it. I don’t need all the other sensors in the kit. I have ring alarm system, but I need buy the Sensor kit.

I want to have my Contact Sensor to turn on my Wyze Bulbs, but only at certain hours. (Night)


I wish I could schedule a shortcut that also has an event trigger. Example: turn on a light when sensor is triggered and then turn off when a motion sensor is clear, I would like to limit this to just evening times and not all day.


I’d like to see this also. This is pretty fundamental in the security business for control.

I’ve been playing with Bulb/Cam and Motion detector on outside lights. Easy enough to program but really need to limit to evening hours.

One thing I noticed that when I triggered the light by means of the person detection, it took about 10-12 secs to come on but when I used the Wyze Sense motion detector, it was almost instantaneous. Anyone else noticed this?


Wyze bulb turn on and off by the Wyze motion detector,
An option that this is applied only from time XXX to time YYY. so for example during the day you do not need the light to go on. Note that this is applied only to the triggering of the light, all the other functions of the motion detector during the time XXX and YYY are still working.


I’ve noticed the same thing. It makes using just a cam and a bulb on the front porch challenging, I’ve defaulted to rely on timed shortcuts there for now. I’ve also noticed that person alerts are slower to get pushed to my phone, too. I suspect the upper limits of the hardware processing are being reached.

I have a motion sensor and bulbs in the bedroom, and the activation is only ~1 second.

I use my Wyze bulbs as night lights, only triggering when motion detected by Wyze Sense motion sensors. However, in it’s current implementation it can’t be restricted to only work at night.

Maybe a schedule option? Different days, different time periods etc. Thanks.


So are you saying I should create an off trigger at 700am and an on trigger at 8pm for the bulb

This is expected behavior. Here’s why… Motion sensor detection is a binary signal that travels very quickly to the server and and back. However, while the person detection does happen on board the camera, the processing at the server (and notification) does not happen until the 12 second video has been uploaded. That is the delay you are seeing. Hope this helps explain it.


This would be great. I have a contact sensor on my garage door and I would only like it to turn my wyze bulb on if it is after lets say 6pm or what would be even better is if I could have this trigger x minutes before or after sunset or sunrise.

Upon motion detection (camera or motion sensor) trigger a bulb to turn on, but only during certain times, e.g., 10PM - 5 AM, or sunset-sunrise?


I would like to see Mode(Day/Night) in Wize app for event to be triggered based on Day or Night mode.

For example, I don’t want to see Wize Bulb turned on or contact sensor door open event in Day time but, Night time it has to.

Thank you.

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I love using the Bulbs to automatically turn on/off the lights based on the Motion Detector. But, it would be fantastic to have the ability to choose both a Time of Day and Event when creating a Shortcut instead of just one or the other. This would allow me to have my lights turn on/off with motion, but still be warmer/dimmer in the evening and cooler/brighter during the day. Any chance of adding this little tweak to the shortcuts feature?

I need this too. The simplistic solution is to allow Automation to use AND clause instead of Or for time of day/event based triggers.

This I feel like a one of the most BASIC and fundamental features of a smart home. Please prioritize fixing this

I want to use the Wyze motion detector to turn on Wyze light bulbs, but ONLY from 9pm to 6am. I can’t figure out how to add the time parameter to it.

It works be great if there was a way to set the Wyze Bulb so that it is always off between specific hours, such as 6 am and 8 pm, and/or have these automations only active between 8 pm and 6 am.

That way an can nsure my motion initiated rule does not turn on the bulb during daylight hours.

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This is actually built in already. Use IFTTT to turn on the light and Wyze Shortcuts to turn it off. Wyze has a time delay to turn off the bulb.