Allow Outdoor Cam to act as motion trigger for DSLR Camera

Allow the motion sensor to connect and trigger a DSLR camera. This should use the cabled connections on the DSLR for the accessory terminal connector.

This is really beyond the scope of the app or the ability of the cam firmware. However, you could implement your use case a couple of ways; using the Wyze app if you were willing to “modify” one of their smartplugs to actuate a relay which would close the circuit on your DSLR manual trigger input.

It could also be implemented using an arduino/esp32/RaspberryPi using a digital output to trigger the DSLR via its remote input.

Hooking the services via an IFTTT applet using Wyze service as the trigger and either ewelink or Webhook service for the action.

If you want to have faster/immediate local response and automation, Home Assistant can run the Wyze Sense Bridge directly and can trigger the Arduino/ESP/RaspberryPi locally.

If you are running HA on a RaspberryPi, you can trigger a Digital Output on the same Pi to handle the DSLR trigger directly.