Allow for purchase info to be stored with Camera registration in Wyze account

As many people know, keeping track of Receipts, paper or email, is not always the simplest task for warranty claims. Especially when purchasing products from third parties, if when registering the product to your account, you were able to upload a small image of the proof of purchase, which Wyze could validate as needed, it would make any warranty claims/issues much simpler for both parties.

This could be complicated by the manufacturer not printing a serial number or MAC address on the receipt, but I think that could be overcome fairly easily, receipt and photo of back of camera submitted at same time, date/time of images must be within a certain amount of time or something.

Is that for when buying from a 3rd party?
I just had a very easy V2 replacement by providing the info and my order #.

Primarily yes, when buying from 3rd Parties.

Ideally, this would have made it even easier for you as you would not have even had to look up the order number, just provided the mac address or serial number of the camera that you likely had in hand.

I thought that info was in the log file.