Allow customers outside North America to buy direct from Wyze

Really not sure why, but this has been going around and around for years now.
I get certification and USB power supply requirements (Larger plug, larger box etc) but honestly, most of us here workaround that issue with other 3rd party power supplies (I wouldnt mind that caveat).

Are there any plans on shipping to Germany in the foreseeable future?

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I haven’t seen anything about shipping to Germany from Wyze in any posts. They seem to have been working on Canada for MANY years now. Look for that to complete successfully before hoping for more.

Dear Wyze. It’s almost Christmas now, and I had an idea to purchase a few cameras for relatives.
Could you please explain when Amazon UK will replenish stock?

I really don’t get your business model tbh; you have massive opportunities over this side of the pond and elect instead to focus your efforts on… well… Covid testing kits. I just don’t get it. I really am not sure what sort of company you are anymore.


I would like to buy security system and cameras from Wyze in Europe and don’t need to pay monthly fees, I think would be good for the company operating international and with a option of a free plan. And I would be also good having a exterior siren when the alarm goes off to alert neighbors.

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Israeli branch

Hi, I am your customer in Israel
And I want to purchase more cameras
Unfortunately, I understand that it is not possible to purchase and ship to Israel
That’s why I propose to be your official agent in Israel and give support in Israel to your great cameras.
Thank you if you get back to me

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Buying outside US, especially europe

As i think many of us outside US wants to be able to buy it from your website instead of going through thirdparty companies like Amazon for atleast double the price of what offers i’d really would like for Wyze to start selling international from their website or maybe give some other options for us outside us.

Any more updates on buying outside the USA?


I just got a text message in Australia On my Australian phone about the new V4.
I clicked on the link Which took me to the website I selected the Amazon prime purchase option and I got the message “does not ship To your country.”
How come you are sending me messages about the new camera if I can’t even buy it?

Any updates on been able to buy outside the USA?

Sort of. They do have their global store here:

It’s kind of limited at the moment, but they have apparently officially expanded to Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, & Singapore. Hopefull more to come. For now, some people use “reshipping services” to order and have it sent to a reshipper, who then forwards the order on to ANY country. That is more of a workaround though. Hopefully there will soon be more official places and hopefully the global store will also be updated to have all the other Wyze devices too.

Any updates on been able to buy outside the USA? - maybe should have included to UK in original message, not a fan of re shippers.

I agree with you - 100%. I don’t understand this?? For this particular product to be sold here, in the UK will obviously give the company a great financial influx. This is not rocket science. Simply sell the product - at the correct price - in the UK to those who want it.

Hi from Oceania,
So many Wyze customers from all over the world have been suggesting this for years but Wyze have never been as wise as they originally claimed to be. Yes, it takes much to set this up but we have been asking for this for about 4 years and the best they can do is give us crap alternatives to buy overpriced on Amazon or on the wyze global site which stocks a 10th of their products. Never good enough. Also, i finally bought the wyze floor lamp a year ago and it is good but they only make it and other useful products (e.g. floodlights) in 110 V AC. I nearly fully gave up on Wyze at this point. How stupid! The vast majority of countries in the world (about 85%) use 240 V AC and they only make their products in 110 V AC. Wyze doesn’t seem to ever really get wise!