Allow customers outside North America to buy direct from Wyze

Wyze has been around a while now. They have made many successful products and it would be nice to see them available outside USA.
In the past I have ordered my Wyze products from Amazon and they shipped it to me (I am in the UK) but recently Wyze does not put their products into Amazon. Make it impossible to get them.
I have been contacted Wyze for years now for this option but still no step forward as made yet.
If you guys still not interested to sell your products outside USA at least upload all your products to Amazon so for some extra tax we can order it.


Infrastructure is there…called AMAZON!
Do not make excuses please or just say it outright you guys do not interested at al outside USA.

Hi Wyze, your amazon seller page is just getting smaller and smaller… Now there is only the 2 cameras and facemasks to order.

Wyze peaked around one year ago with firmware. Amazing!!!
Since then just disappointment after disappointment. Nothing to order outside US, Crappy app updates and cringe firmware, forced into a paid subscribtion.

Would love to have shipping direct to New Zealand. Currently using a third party called Youshop, To ship the scales I was quoted just under $100usd. Currently plenty of users in NZ

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Hi guys - can I ask that you ship your products to United Kingdom (and Europe)

I live in UK, you have a great product I bought my 5 x V2 + 1 Pan Cam on it was $11 shipping and $48 for import costs. Not so bad if you buy multiple items.
The EU is a huge market we can buy the cheap cams that is the same product as the Wyze cams from China but your firmware/software we cant. You are missing out on a lucrative market.


I currently live in Germany and can’t order any Products from this website, I instead have to order them from 3rd party websites which means it will cost more. Only the Wyze Cam V1 is available on and it will cost me 97,80$ to buy. As soon as it becomes available I would like to buy the V3 but if I can’t get it on here, I won’t be able to get it at all.

I have decided to give up on the Wyze from Europe.
The reason for this is that let’s face it, Wyze products are cheap in the states but for the price when you purchase in the states, they are good value.
Here in Europe you have to pay 2 or 3 times the price to be able to purchase them which them makes them BAD VALUE for money in Europe and competitive products are better at the price you will pay for them here.
If they were available directly from China then I would have 10 here in the house but that is not the case, I cannot find them directly from China.
So I stop with Wyze products unless they decide to sell to Europe at a decent price.

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1 vote for Vietnam

Hi Wyze Staff,

It would be great if you could initiate International Shipping and in the mean time, put box measurements on the website for each product (not just product sizes).

It is very disappointing not being able to get most products overseas and not being able to get information from Wyze - only vague answers and box sizes for reshipping.

For the few products that we can buy on Amazon they are up to 6 X the price in our country e.g. approx. US$260 robot vacuum sold on Amazon for about US$610.


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After contacting Wyze a couple of times about this I decided it is better to support the companies that do ship to my area.
Goodbye Wyze … There are many other simlar cameras available here and I don’t have to pay 3 times the price Wyze is sold for in the US…

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amazon keeps silently cancelling my orders? What is going on, how else do i get my Wyze cams to the Netherlands.

wyze’s cameras are the best and we need them to be available in Australia. Because we have to purchase them though Amazon US and with the shipping costs and conversions of the prices they be come very expensive cameras and no warranty with the cameras because we are not in the US and we would like to be able to purchase them directly from Wyze to Australia.

Yes… As so many people say in Europe, Australia and many other places outside the US: Wyze build great products but they constantly have very poor customer service. I managed to get a V3 Cam when it was cheap on Amazon but this was a very short time and an uncommon event. Nearly none of the other Wyze products have been available on Amazon except for the robot vacuum and scales. At US $250, the robot vacuum converted to AUD is about $340 but instead the cheapest Amazon seller currently has it for just over AUD $823. That’s over 2.4 times the US price - severe profit taking as no supply or competition. In the past it was over $900 AUD…Thanks Wyze… once again you show that you have a US-Centtic approach… Just like so many useless and myopic US countries do - very lazy! The other option is to aggregate & repack/resend from a US forwarding company. As Wyze does not list and will not confirm box size (the product details seem to list dimensions of actual units) when asked, they let overseas customers down again! I just bought an ALDI stick vacuum after considering shipping one from the US for months. With all the other Wyze products that I wanted to ship, there was no way of confirming the repacking cost and forwarding companies are often quite expensive. So, as other potential customers all over the world have said, too bad Wyze, your loyal customer just bought the product he needs for a fraction of the price from a local supplier. Wyze, when will you start selling from an official Wyze store on Amazon or through your own shipping if you don’t like the way Amazon screws every business?! Never good enough Wyze! Always disappointing b for overseas customers! Myopic view that the US is the whole game… but it really is not. Get your head out of it!

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We need wyze to ship to Australia :australia:

It took 8 days and a whopping 165 us dollars but hey. I’m dancing. After 3 tries, Amazon didn’t cancel my orders and here they are in The Netherlands… Woop Woop. Excited :beers:

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Try Works for me too

Hot topic now, especially as the V3 is out. Because of the V3 reviews, I now wish to purchase a few.
Having done a little research, Amazon( sell for £50 (Ridiculous price, considering the mainland US price is £22, AND it doesn’t include the bundled spotlight option either.
Is there now a conclusive method to order and ship to the UK? I note some of these proxy shipping agent websites are dangerous and NOT to be trusted ( for example)

Its laughable, but at this rate, I could make quite a bit of cash flying over there, and bringing 200 units back myself for resale!

Expand the distribution of your products by establishing UK suppliers. Provide a target date for achieving this.

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