Allow customers outside North America to buy direct from Wyze

This topic is requesting that Wyze sell and support their products outside of North America. This would include Europe, Asia and South/Central America. For Wyze to do this, they will not only need be able to ship internationally, but also ensure that adequate international server infrastructure and technical support is available.

Note that Canada sales are covered under a separate topic here:

Allow Canadians to buy direct from Wyze

Note that Mexico sales are covered under a separate topic here:

Allow customers located in Mexico to buy direct from Wyze

Hi Guys, Just received my Sensor Kit in the UK today… I love it. Looks great, easy to setup and works like a dream…

It’s just a shame it’s so tricky (and expensive) to get hold of these this side of the Atlantic. I know it’s much easier said than done and I agree that product development should be the priority, but please don’t forget about those of us outside of North America that love your products!

Keep up the great work!!


Hi @SiUK. Can I ask how you got your sense kit shipped to the UK?

Hi, I used a re-shipping service called Stackry. I’ve used them a few times and it’s worked ok so far.

Basically you get the package sent to them and then they forward it on to you. Obviously adds a lot to the cost but for the Camera at least, was still way cheaper than an alternative like Nest cam etc. This time was really quick - less than a week.

Point to note though, the Sensor Kit does get treat as hazardous as it contains batteries so the cheapest delivery methods were not available. Didn’t matter too much for me as I was combining a few deliveries but might be one to watch.

Came here to say how disappointed I am!

Received a link from family saying “hey look at this cool gadget, you should buy it”… followed the link and proceeded to read all the specs and details available. Placed 2 pan cam, 1 static cam, 3 SD cards, 3 mounting kits and a sensor starter pack in the cart. Then proceeded off to the paypal button and got stuck in the shipping address…

Dammit web developers… Not everybody on the planet lives in the continental US and I really think if you have a “US Only” policy than state it at the top of the page and the “buy now” button… I literally had to go and signup to your forum to learn you don’t allow shipping outside the US.

Great looking product, understand now why you don’t ship (yet) but please do a better job of communicating on the shopping cart of your policies!


Thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry to have disappointed you! I’ll share your post with the team.


Currently only the camera can be purchased via, but shopping to New Zealand is expensive.
And Amazon don’t yet carry the Wyze Sense.
Do Wyze plan to ship internationally?


Please start selling all wyze procucts through Amazon. Currently the V2 and Pan cams are the only Wyze products on Amazon. I’d love to see the Sense and Bulb available through Amazon too.
Alternatively offer international shipping through the Wyze app. Amazon are the only retailer who deliver internationally and therefore the only retailer some of us can buy through.

I am from South Africa, I use wyze cam and sense, would you make it possible for international customers to have early access to your new products, if not why?


Please change your idea that WYZE is only for US market.

Why dont you just sell all of your products on for example?
No way for me to order Wyze Bulb os Sense kit.

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I would love to use this products in the Netherlands (Europe)

I’m sure that I am not the only one who would love too!


I agree, ship internationally or add more to Amazon

Also add to your website that it’s US shipping only, tried looking for delivery info but was unable to find so added items to cart and went through to checkout before finding that I couldn’t buy

I went to buy through Amazon

But for me only one pir is a waste of time and it’s unlikely that I would be able to get additional ones for a while

So for me it would mean buying 4x cam + sense kit to make it useable

Ended up buying 3, should be here on the 12th

That seemed to be the best price point, any other amount and they work out over £50 a set

Better than £90 a set off eBay, also an additional 10 days to deliver

Well it took 2 days

05/07/2019 - 14:44
Northampton, United Kingdom
05/07/2019 - 5:25
Castle Donington, United Kingdom
04/07/2019 - 00:05
Philadelphia, PA, United States
03/07/2019 - 19:16
Secaucus, NJ, United States
03/07/2019 - 14:06
Carteret, NJ, United States

I was surprised how small they were (Google mini for reference)

Well I am using the Wyze Cam 1 and 2 and a sense kit in Zambia, Southern Africa, and they work like a charm. And in a way, Wyze must know this since they have logs telling them where their cameras are set up and used. So while I understand their need to limit responsibility to North America to make it a bit easier for themselves in the startup phase, there is certainly nothing techincal hindering a geographically more outspread support.


Please make sure Australia is included if/when you go international, or just add all products to Amazon which works well and ships fast.
I want the bulbs!


I suggest there be international shipping to NZ and AU.
There should also be AU Plug adapters so more people can buy them easily for the right price from the site itself rather than more costly places like Amazon.

And products like wyze plug should also have all plug types otherwise it gets very hard to use and lowers demand.


Bought my Wyze cam starter kit and pan cam from amazon dot au. Fantastic kit, easy to use. Cannot by the Wyze bulbs yet. Spoke with a support team member from Wyze and they said the gear isn’t supported outside the US…! It’s a shame because this gear is the best I’ve see for a small outlay in price. Starter kit with camera, motion detector and two reed switches was just under $80 au delivered. The pan cam was just over $90 au delivered. I currently have a back to base security system with ADT and am seriously considering getting rid of ADT, which will save me around $63 p/month. Wyze - please consider shipping and supporting your products outside the US…!!!


Agreed, We need this officially in the UK. I have imported a couple and they are amazing. We have identical looking Neos cameras but software and firmware is miles behind Wyze.

Amazon have £5 off at the moment, just bought another 5 cam + sensor kit £45 each