Allow Canadians to buy direct from Wyze

Angus is still right. Quit worrying about"buying direct". Whoever is selling these cameras through the big A is taking a very small margin and keeping it simple. I just received 2 more today and they have been installed for another happy customer. I think I now support 33 of these devices between myself, my neighbors, my friends and family. NO issues. Not one ever. Just chill and enjoy.

If I was you Yurasis (re the band I would send a note to support@ wyze and explain the problem due to the lockdown. They will very likely give you an RMA and a refund when it gets back to them. You might lose a few bucks for the freight but - I was in the same boat but was able to get my order cancelled before it was shipped as my us shipping point had to head north rather suddenly or get stuck in Arizona. When the world gets back to some form of normal we will try again.

Please ship online orders to Canada too. does not have all options and it is impossible to cross the border for picking orders because of COVID-19.

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Cannot wait for Canadian shipping! Hope this is enabled shortly. Thanks.


Still waiting for Canadian Shipping.


Same here, really want Canada shipping but would at least be happy with the rest of your products on


This is fantastic to hear! And I’m certain this goes without saying, but will this include the glitch with the Amazon Pay when using an account to pay but ship to a Canadian address? I’ve tried that method several times and it causes the system to lock while processing.

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Excellent looking forward to this, have at least 3 other products I want to purchase

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You’re responding to a post that’s a year old. Don’t hold your breath for Canadian shipping.
Read through the forum, WYZE is have problems shipping to the US let alone other countries.

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They were “working on” last summer. Hasn’t happened yet.

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Lol, did not check, it just popped into my email so thought it was new

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I figure that if enough ‘chatter’ is made on a certain topic within the Wishlist, it’ll get more attention from the Wyze team. Along the lines of ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’.


There is a company called ReShip that creates a US postal address for you to use to order product from the US. When they receive it, they send you a message and then you arrange to have it shipped to you in Canada via various options. Could this be the Canadian solution?

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I have an American PO Box. The issue is the payment - cannot use a Canadian CC. I ended up using my Paypal account and setting my billing address the same as the shipping with the street address being the Post Office’s physical addy. A bit of a work around, and I’ll only know if it worked or not once the border reopens (Covid).

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Hi everyone, the problem is not only that on the prices are much higher, but also they do not sell basic Wyze products. Listen to my story please…
I bought a camera, door and motion kit from After just a few months one of the door sensors stopped working. I opened a ticket with Wyze, of course they told me to do troubleshooting actions that I’ve already performed, and in the end they concluded that the sensor is defective. Obviously there is not warranty in Canada, so Wyze couldn’t help me, and didn’t want to refund me.
I said then it’s OK I will buy a kit of 4x contact sensors from Wyze at 20$ US, but they don’t ship to Canada. Also unfortunately Wyze DOES NOT SELL THIS KIT of SENSORS ON AMAZON.CA. The question is WHY they sell only some items, whatever they want?
So what do I do? Nothing. I can’t do nothing…
Very frustrating. Who is the culprit ? Obviously Wyze… Shame on you WYZE

WYZE claims they don’t sell in Canads but they do supply Amazon Canada with products so…
It does seem like a sneaky way to sell more products without having to become a legal vendor in Canada with the added bonus of not having to support the hardware.
WYZE claims they are trying to set up to sell in Canada but I have my doubts about how much effort they are putting in.
Why bother? How many customers would they gsin? We slready buy from Amazon.
The Amazon price really isn’t that high. The V2 cameras are $25 US shipped. That’s $34 Canadian. We pay $40. So an extra $6 but no warranty.

If the support/warranty is the issue, they could stipulate they’ll only do warranty in the US. Just because they’re shipping orders to another country doesn’t necessarily mean they’re willing to take them back. Conversely, some companies who sell products on Amazon do provide warranty for those products. It’s all about what they want to do.

Interestingly enough, I had purchased two more cams this morning ( and now Amazon is offering 4-year warranty for $25. So there that…

Great, so we pay more already for a device that already includes support in the US be now we must pay extra for support, slowly loosing interest

I’ve scanned through this thread and decided to share my experiences so far. My neighbour installed 2 Wyze cams on his house last fall. He bought them from Amazon, and pays Wyze $2/mo per cam for cloud storage of the footage. He gives them a great review. I read reviews posted between 2018 and 2020, all of which raved about the cams, and quoted prices of under $20 U.S. per cam, which right now is $27 Cdn. I have cams in my Amazon cart at $40 Cdn each.

BUT: compared to what Telus wants to charge me for similar products and service, it’s still a bargain. I’m going to click “Checkout” as soon as I post this.

Warning: there’s a scam etailer purportedly based in Laval PQ that appears to exist only for the purpose of grabbing your CC information. They list Wyze products at under $20 Cdn, so beware.

P.S. I’m tired of all the jokes about how cold it is up here. Even though winters are 9 months long, we do get 3 months of poor sledding.