Allow Canadians to buy direct from Wyze

Ugh, I hate bilingual keyboards. Had one on a laptop before and it’s infuriating typing on it. Especially the left shift key. Macs are immune and third-party keyboards. Luckily, stores here only sell english keyboards, so I get that for my desktop.

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#WYZE, this is a great time to introduce Canadians order directly off of your site with the intro of Wyze Lock! Come on!

I am from Canada and 100% agree. If Amazon and other companies can do different countries then Wyze should be able to as well.

It isn’t the fact they can’t it is the fact they are still figuring out the logistics.

You are also comparing a massive company like Amazon who has been around for quite awhile to WYZE who has been around a few years.

It’s not that hard, Just like any business decision, if you don’t specialize in it, outsource it. I don’t need to list the major shipping juggernauts that have cookie cutter shipping plans that can be applied here. #Wyze, you didn’t know how to build a door lock, so you partnered with people that did to get the job done… So, what do you do when you don’t know how to ship to Canada…?

Here is the latest response in another thread about shipping to Canada

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Some of the posts probably could have been more respectful. I’m not sure which posts you’re referring to specifically, but in general, the point is just that supporting additional countries comes with some added logistical challenges, including the ability to offer support in multiple languages. In the US, English simply is the primary language, as a numerical thing. (Not a superiority thing. Plenty of languages are better than English in many ways. Haha.) It would be preferable if every company based in any country could support scores of languages, but that’s not always feasible. However, Wyze is certainly growing so I imagine this is on their radar.

Actually English is the primary language in Canada and 2nd in the world behind Mandarin. That doesn’t make it better, it’s just used more.
There are added costs to every product to support multiple languages. As Canadians we know that and have accepted it as something we need to do. US companies don’t have to and it is an added hurdle for them if they want to sell their products in Canada.
Many Asian and European companies support multiple languages by default.

Hi @j.rolyat, while I understand your concern with this matter, the Community Guidelines do state, “If You See a Problem, Flag It”. That is how Wyze would prefer things like this are handled. :slight_smile:


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Presumably at some point after Wyze actually starts selling its products in other countries. Right now, sales and support is limited to the US, so it’s not recommended that international users buy the products. If you have warranty issues, for example, they can’t send you replacements, and some of the features (such as the Alexa skill, 2FA, and probably some others) are limited to the US. Some of those may work in Canada too, but I’m not sure.

I know that full Canada support is their next international priority. I’m not aware of their expansion plans beyond that. Hopefully they will at some point in the future, but I know there some hurdles associated with that. (International regulations, support for multiple languages, shipping arrangements, localized server stacks, etc.)

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Wyze is has never authorized any sales outside of United States the people that are selling them outside of United States are doing so without any authorization

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Someone might want to let Amazon know about this, then, since the seller is clearly named “Wyze Labs”.


As per trecar’s comments. Don’t get hung up on warranty and supply issues in Canada or Mexico. The darn things work just fine and if you have any problems installing there is always help. Also for the price I can throw several away and still be way ahead of anything else. I have now installed 13 in canada for friends and neighbors without a hitch. The 2/4 deal on Amazon Canada is a great price and I had same day delivery on one order :slight_smile:

The 2 pack is still offered in Canada at 73.73. All in which still makes it a pretty good deal. One camera is never enough for a dedicated geek anyway !

Hi guys!
I really wish that your products Will be able soon in Quebec.
I bought my first wyze cam by Amazon, but I prefere to Buy IT directly from you.
I also want to Buy more of your products, but they are not available for us.

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@WyzeGwendolyn any word on shipping to Canada yet?

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Not yet. I know that we’re still navigating the shipping costs and legal requirements.

Would LOVE to see them available to Canada! The amazon markup is ridiculous. I only have 1 cam, but would buy LOTS more if I could buy directly from WYZE for a small markup and free shipping. :purple_heart:
You cam & software works perfectly up here!

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The 2 pack deal on Amazon Canada is only about a 6 or 7 $ premium and you can have them tomorrow. I have bought several from this source and all is well