Allow Canadians to buy direct from Wyze

I think we’re talking about two different things. TheKracken is talking about going on, putting products in a basket and having it shipped from either China or the US, or where ever they ship from. There are other American companies that do that. I order products from the US and they are able to ship to Canada. You’re talking about setting up distribution right here in Canada which I believe you when you say it takes a long time. How long I don’t know but apples and oranges situation.

My post was totally sarcastic. I should have added a “/s”.

Both solutions (a warehouse/distribution centre in Canada and shipping from the US) are well documented and well understood business processes. Services are even available to help companies break into new markets and do just that, in a timely manner. Time to market is a thing, and getting there at speed and scale is required to capitalize and make money. When Wyze started, there were very few competitors at their price point. Now the Canadian market has a dozen Chinese product clones on the market that do very similar things at very similar prices.

In the end, it’s not something that takes 4 years to setup and Wyze is not only losing out, but also frustrating and alienating a portion of their future market. Not smart.


They don’t care, it’s that simple

Just a heads up Dave Crosby posted on Facebook that they have inventory in their Canadian warehouse now and will be selected letting people do test orders soon!..


They’ve had the warehouse for a while. Unfortunately I’ll believe that when I see it. And “soon” in Wyze time could mean 6 months to a year or more away (past experience).

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Here to announce that we have a small group of selected testers for making sure the ordering process goes smoothly! We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through this and can’t wait to finally be able to ship to our Canadian friends! :tada:


I’m interested “a small group of selected testers”

That’s great news! Thank you, @WyzeGwendolyn!

Very excited about this. Which products will be available in the launch?

pick me! pick me! lol

As one of the earlier Canadian adopters, fanboys and more recently cranky Canadian old guys, I’d love to become a charter member of the True North Test Group.

Come to think of it, the Canuks who have populated this and a few related threads over the past 3 years might be a good group to start with generally. We’re clearly interested to say the least, already committed to the products, and representative of 33.3 million prospective customers.

I certainly appreciate the good news if that’s indeed what it is. I recently began thinking about inviting the people in this thread to form a cooperative (a great Canadian Prairie tradition) to take orders, buy Wyze tech in the US in bulk, drive the goods through the Peace Arch border crossing, and create our own shipping enterprise. But I’m old and busy these days, so if Wyze will actually deliver the goods, we’d be grateful and w happily spread the word.

Remember, 33.3 million is the same potential customer base as the state of California. Consider about the cost to the company if, in its Wyzdom, the company were to stop shipping to that state.

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That’s great news! Thank you, @WyzeGwendolyn!

:wave: Camplus member here in Edmonton. Looking to order something simple, outdoor plug, wireless headphones too maybe. Be happy to test.

Please sign me up to be a tester! I want to buy several items!

It would be nice to get something in place. I ordered from because they are an authorized seller that ships to Canada and now I have an issue with my unit and can’t get it replaced under warranty because of the no shipping to Canada. Of course it was 13 days past when Amazon would do anything and we know the story with Wyze. I thought I was doing the right thing ordering from an authorized retailer but nope, I’m stuck with a dud.

I already am a tester for the beta Wyze app and have severals cams, door lock, doors sensors etc and would love to add to the Wyze Echo system testing!

Count me in if possible!

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I may be wrong, but I think the test group is already selected. There was a sign up form that was only available for a short period of time.

I signed up to it last night but didn’t get an email damn… unless they haven’t gone out yet I hope cuz I’m so down to help

I signed up as well but haven’t heard anything yet. Could be they haven’t sent out notices or it might just be a really small test group.

I am in Kingston Ontario if you are in need of additional tester. Looking forward to see result ;0) It is alway sad to see cool product and have to wait for what look for ever… The outdoor v3 was an example…

Darn. I wish I hadn’t missed that. I would have jumped at a chance seeing as I’ve been waiting since they first announced it. Glad soon is getting sooner…