All. Wyze. Devices....GONE from beta app

No cams. No sensors. No outlets. No band. No scale.

I went to see how obese I am today. Stood on the scale, got my weight and BMI and opened the app on the phone to sync and…saw this +New Device option.

I force closed the app without change. Rebooted the device without change. Went into airplane mode and back, without change.

Devices also missing from Google Home.

I really don’t want to have to set all this up again.

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Ok, and now they have returned. Is this common? I’ve never noticed any of my devices, much less ALL of them, vanishing from the app like they just did. Now they have returned to both the Wyze app and Google Home.
I’m even able to connect to the Scale now. Crazy.

This has happened to me twice but all the devices returned after I did the swipe down to refresh a few times

It’s rather alarming. Feels like it’s not storing the info locally. All is well in the end I guess.

Hello, I’m glad it’s working now. But if it happens again, could you please submit a log? Thank you.

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