All Wyze Cameras data rate drops after 3 or 4 seconds of live video and feed freezes

I installed my Wyze cameras this past Sunday, a Wyze 2.0 cam, and a Wyze Pan.

This morning I started noticing a very odd problem across both cameras. Each camera shows as connected and on, I connect normally when viewing the live stream on each camera, then the data rate steadily drops until 3 or 4 seconds in and goes to zero and the feed freezes. This happens on each of the video quality settings.

I did not notice this on Sunday night, or yesterday. But it is consistent every time I try it today.

The cameras are connected to my wifi network that is through my Xfinity cable internet service, I have to start looking at settings and specifics when I am back home, but it almost appears that the router or my cable provider is throttling the connection to the camera after I connect and they start sending out data.

The cameras report relatively strong WIFI signals, and they are on the same floor and both within 20 feet of the wireless router/cable modem.

Any suggestions on where I should start my trouble shooting when I am home this evening?

Are you in an Apartment/Townhome/Condo setting where your neighbors are physically close? Xfinity routers are not very good at channel selection in crowded airwaves.

If not then you might look at the total number of devices hooked to the WiFi. My ISP provided router began to bog down at about 30 devices. I bought my own Linksys router and set it up in Access Point mode. That fixed it for me.

I find that when this started to happen with mine…I used an old apple iphone charger cube and they have worked great ever since. you should try any other usb outlets you may have I use 1 apple cube and the others work fine using the power bars that have usb outs.

Thank you for the response. It is in an appartment setting, and comcast is the cable provider in the complex so I am sure there are multiple routers of similar design.

It is back to intermittent drop outs, compared to yesterday morning where they were consistent, and the drop in data rate was linear across 4 seconds before it dropped completely.

I have been searching on the forum. It seems like the Xfinity routers do cause some problems for users. I think part of that is mesh networks where the 2.4 and 5 gig signals are blended, but mine has seperate 2.4 and 5.2. But some of the other users were experiencing problems due to blocks ports and some sort of traffic monitoring.

I’ll get the tinker more later. Also hoping that I don’t have a similar problem with my Nanit baby cam that I purchased for our soon to come son, My wife will be chock full of I told you so’s if that also has intermittent connection problems on a regular basis.

I would look into doing what they call “bridging” your existing modem/router combo. Comcast usually allows it. Then setting up your own router. Any of the modern offerings from Linksys, Netgear, Orbi etc will work just fine for you.

If you need help doing that the Reddit forums are a great place to start.

Good luck!