All the product updates announced during the Wyzies

I second the motion for a Dash Cam. Not much should take priority over it’s development as there is a big need/want by people on Nextdoor here who are after documenting crazy drivers. People are into it. Several caught already using dash cams. Needs to be all of what Larry says. Possibly make detachable so it won’t be a theft temptation. Include a tracker inside for when stolen. Heat and cold tolerant. Etc. Thank you.


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Yes on the Dashcam, I’d buy 2 right away. I currently have a nice Ultra Dash Cam but , I need two more.

I suggest a Dual version and a single forward facing cam as options. 64G capacity with app control features for roadside emergency playing if proof is needed by authorities or victims.

Optional polarizer filter cap would be nice.