All sense products offline

Doesn’t help much, but I too have had issues with the sensors. The door sensors never worked more than an hour or two from day one, and the motion sensor worked for a while, then about 2-3 days ago it stopped and no amount of fiddling has gotten it to work again. The sensor is lighting up, so i suspect its the rule thats not working, but who knows, surely not Wyze or they would fix these problems. They are too busy finding the next cheap knock off product they can make and sell to us [Mod Edit] who expect them to do anything other than sell. They dont make good on promises, certainly not in any reasonable time frame, they dont provide support, they just plain dont care [Mod Edit] other than selling their [Mod Edit] products

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Hi @the4ndy, I’m an ordinary user like yourself and I do not work for Wyze. Mavens and Mods volunteer their time here on the forum and we are not Wyze employees.

Customers outside the USA cannot receive replacements for a defective product. Wyze currently only sells and supports their products in the US.

Customers that live in US can always contact Wyze Customer Support if they are having issues with their Wyze products.


I understand you don’t get paid by Wyze, but you are chosen by them to represent them. If i volunteer for a charity, and then do something bad while representing that charity I cant just be like, oh well they dont pay me so its not their fault. Wyze should make sure their mods arent telling their customers crap.

I have seen around that Wyze doesn’t do business outside the US, which is very odd and frankly due to laziness on their part. They get all their cheap crap from china, so it shouldn’t be too hard to sell over seas.

Honestly though, i still stand by my reply. Its lazy, rude, and not great overall for a company to just sell poorly designed and poorly quality controlled products with such minimal support provided to their customers. I could go on for pages and pages listing all the examples of “poor support” or down right “shady” business decisions Wyze has made, but I will spare everyone that, I am certain we all know how terrible this company is, but for some reason we all just seem to ignore it. Sad.

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I totally agree. Wyze is disappointing. The worst thing is thinking about how humble and sincere they started out as. What a disappointment


I’ve got the base Wyse Sense package (bridge, 1 motion and 2 door sensors). They went offline sometime ago (couldn’t tell you when). I tried getting them back online today and failed. I powered down the camera and removed the Bridge and restored power. I then added the Bridge again. The App gives me the option to add a device, but when ever I initiate the reset with the Sensor, it does not connect and the Add Device in the App times out. I have App v2.12.3, Firmware

Any help would be appreciated.

revert back to an older firmware like i did, to fix it.

lots of posts about this problem.

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Thanks. I’ll try that. I have not spent too much time looking at the posts yet. I appreciate your reply. You just save me some time searching.

Having the same issues. At this point they don’t really give a crap, I mean Home Depot is carrying their products now they can afford to neglect their customer base and focus on profits since they have so many new ones coming in from the storefront places like home depot. At this point in their strategy I’m betting it’s all about R&D on new products, making more is the priority and existing products that aren’t 100% yet just get a back seat. Yeah I’m sure support can resolve my issues like they have before but the point is I don’t want to spend my time having to call some company because their shit isn’t working every other week.

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I couldn’t agree more. Wyze is so disappointing

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Another user sent me the quote below. I tried it and I was able to get my sensors back.

“New Firmware is NOT working. All motion sensors went to offline after updating. Revert back to previous firmware which is working excellently.”

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It’s my thoughts that given this has been a known issue reported to Wyze for over 1 week now, that rather than forcing users to revert their firmware to an older version (one that presumably lacks the feature and security updates of the latest firmware versions) that it would not be difficult for Wyze to make a NEW firmware version for the users that fixes this atrocious bug. If it IS really that hard to do, then Wyze should be up front and transparent with its users and inform us of such an issue and their status on resolving it. But alas, that is likely asking too much, they are busy trying to sell their broken, incomplete, and cheap products to whomever they can, no time to focus on quality. Ill just add this to my ever growing list of issues/problems with wyze


Join the club. I’ve long given up. Wyze doesn’t care about their users at all. Complaining is useless. Very sad

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I have the same problems and they are not addressing the problems. Customer Service just want you to keep resetting to factory settings. Poor customer support!

Not just poor customer service but poor company in general. All they do is sell sell sell but never fix fix fix. They started out great but its been downhill ever since and it seems like they really don’t care. They don’t even respond to anyone’s complaints at all. Nothing is addressed, so at some point we’ll just have to take the loss and move on

I’m relatively new to Sense - but I’m experiencing the same issue. Kids are constantly pointing out that the Sense Bridge is flashing its light. When I look in the app - sensors are offline. I’ve moved the Sense Bridge between a V2 and a Pan camera. Both are in the room just next to the Wi-Fi router, maybe 20ft. Neither of the cameras have Wi-Fi coverage issues. One of the sensors is a mere 10ft. from the bridge on a door with nearly a perfect line-of-sight between bridge and front door.

At this point I’ve just given up on Sense Bridge - Luckily I don’t really need to rely on the sensors as the cameras are positioned in such a way that they pick up motion anyways.
But if I ever had to use the motion sensor or contact sensor to pan the camera (to cover a back door) I"d be in trouble.

So for now it was a waste of $20, I guess.

Join the club. That’s the kind of company wyze has become. They started out great but then all they want to do is sell stuff that turn out to be defective, and then don’t fix anything. The cameras are mostly ok but the motion sensors, contact sensors and plugs are not ok. The plugs work most of the time but they disconnect too often. The contact and motion sensors are garbage

I’m just stumbling upon this now and “If” this is pertaining to your post to me about “Special Ways” to keep plug in the back of Pan Cam, then I apologize. I asked everyone to come up with “anything” to help me with that issue and you were kind enough to not only reply, but also gave a possible solution that I had also thought about. Seeing you being attacked for it (if I’m reading it correctly) is sad and I apologize again. I will end up trying the super glue down the road. :blush: Thank you.


You’re welcome. No apology needed and hope you find a solution that works. :slightly_smiling_face:


I realize the user asked for “any solution that works” but honestly, at what point does Wyze look at itself internally and say “Wow how did we get to a point where we aren’t able to fix problems and instead are having to provide out of the box solutions”

More so there has to be some sort of change fundamentally from the company where they invest more heavily in releasing quality, finished, and supported products. It isnt right to treat a customer like Wyze treats its customers and its honestly shocking that they haven’t noticed (or worse don’t care) that there is such a large number of customers with poor experiences.

Totally agree. The way they’re handling the business and their customers, they’ll be out of business in a few years. I won’t be investing much more money in their products. I was (foolishly) among the group to purchase the wireless cam on the first day, and I regret it. I’ll put up with the products I have and do my research and move on to a more reliable company who also cares about their customers