All of my samsung phone suddenly cant receive notification from wyze lock

Hi. I just want to confirm if you also experience samsung not recieving notiications from wyze lock? My motorola is receiving it except from my 2 samsung phone

I haven’t been getting any notifications on my Galaxy as well. I don’t have another phone to test this out on but is pretty recent, I’m guessing the past week or two it started happening.

Super frustration. Tried to get help from Wyze support but they just could share the usual tips (makse sure settings are correct, restart/reinstall, delete/add back the device, etc.)

Nothing worked. Definitely a code issue with the Wyze App.

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I was wondering the same thing. Other camera or sensor notification are working.

I found a temporary solution. You have to revert wyze app back to v2.37.0(112). The recent app update has bug

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How do you revert to an earlier version?

Thank you all. Having spent too much time with Support/Chat and reinstalling both of my door locks, gateway, apps … reverting to version (Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter APK Download by Wyze Labs Inc. - APKMirror) worked for me (Pixel 7, Android 13, December 2022 update)

For those who don’t know how to revert to an old version, visit, search and download the desired version. (Note: Downloading from anywhere except the Play Store carries risk). Transfer the apk to somewhere on your phone, delete the old app and then using Files (example), open the newly downloaded .apk file

Thanks again, forum.


Stopped working on my Pixel 6, as well. I don’t want to downgrade the app because I have other devices on there that it may effect, but I’m glad to know it’s not just me. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

(You’re only downgrading by a few weeks)

This is also broken in latest Wyze app on a OnePlus 8T running Android 12. Have not tried latest app yet but went through all the typical debug - enabling/disabling notification both globally in the Wyze app and per-device, cleared the Wyze app’s cache (in the app), uninstalled and reinstalled the whole app, etc.

I’m wondering is this just affecting a small subset of Android users, or all of them? If so, how is there not more noise about this? Considering a lock is a security device, notifications of when it’s been opened and closed is a component of your household security.

My mind is blown how this has not been patched yet. It’s very troubling - I was going to buy my friend a Wzye lock for Chirstmas but this issue makes it an impossible sell. Will check out August locks. Who knows, maybe they all suck.

Following up on my previous post, I tried downgrading to as suggested by @larree and that did fix the issue for me, immediately. The missing notifications are definitely a bug in the latest app version.

Note: depending on your phone model/ Android version/ config, your phone might just re-upgrade you to the latest version after the downgrade. This happened to me within about 24 hours so I thought the old version had broken as well, but it was just that it upgraded itself. To avoid this, you need to disable auto-update for the Wyze app. On my OnePlus 8T running Android 12, I do this by going to the Play App, clicking my initial on the right hand end of the search bar at the top → Manage apps & device → Manage tab → Wyze → then click the three dots in the upper right corner and uncheck “Enable auto update”. It’s pretty tucked away!

You can check the currently installed app version in the Wyze app under Account (lower right corner) → About (right at the bottom).

So why didn’t support know this when I submitted my initial ticket, then spent time on the phone with a rep yesterday, including submitting a new ticket which they said would be responded to - it has not? This bg needs to be fixed.

It’s very frustrating. No update at all. I thought Wyze was cool.

Thanks for posting the work around @larree . Hopefully they can get this fixed soon. Very annoying!

Wyze is actively working on this.

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Something to try on the Samsung is the following:

  • Ignore DND enabled for Android WyzeMessage and General channels
  • Add Wyze to the app exclusion list for Sleep and Deep Sleep under Power Management.

This will make sure the app can provide notifications when the phone is asleep or not being used for an extended period of time,

Pixel 7, Android 13. Still not working. Had to revert back to the old app. ETA on fix?

Thanks for the suggestion.

Please clarify though, is this something you tried on a phone experiencing the notification failures detailed in this thread, and you found this fixed it? Or is it just a random additional thing to try, like the standard list of things I mentioned in an earlier post.

If you read the posts so far, it’s pretty clear Wyze broke their notifications. Not that a bunch of users mucked up their power savings features, suppressing notifications as a result.

Additionally, in my testing, I specifically was trying to see notifications while the phone screen was on and app was open, and I was locking/ unlocking the lock. So not a case where battery saving features would be suppressing notifications anyway.

Thanks for the update. Can you clarify how you know this?

Is there another thread on this topic, or a tweet from Wyze that states they are working on it? If so, please share a link.

Or is it based on private communication with their support team? If so, are you able to share a redacted version? I.e. chat transcript or screenshot with your personal details redacted.

This was provided by another Maven who has a Samsung and was not experiencing the issues.

I have a Couple of Pixel Phones which has some notification issues. I reported this to Wyze and they are working on correcting the Notification issues presented with Android 13. I am sure they will release a Beta Update for testing soon, hopefully. A Wyze Rep let me know that this.

With Android, it is imperative that you allow the app to run in the background for timely notifications. On my Pixel I had to set the Unrestricted for the App and Battery Usage