All motion events shows as images?

All my motion evens are being shown as static images all of a sudden?

These are brand new wyze cam v3’s. The cam plus trial expired. One of them still working (even though i have not paid), but why are motion events being shown as static images?

If you want the 12 second events, you will need to sign-up for Cam Plus Lite:

if you have signed up for Cam Plus Lite, then make sure you go to the settings area of your Camera and select Video for event and not picture.


It’s free btw

No more name your Price?

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It’s still “name your price,” but you can name “Free” as your price and that is perfectly acceptable.


Thanks all that worked.

By the way, one of my v3’s i cant assign cam plus lite. It says i have cam plua enabled. But i am not paying for it and not under active subscriptions?

Is this a glitch?