All Cameras Stuck on Getting Video Data

For no reason, all of my cameras are stuck on 3 of 3, getting video data. I reset the router, signed out of the app and signed back in. Nothing has worked. Does anyone have any ideas?

UPDATE: I just shut off and turned my phone back on. That did it. I don’t quite understand why. It’s a new Samsung Galaxy s20 Fe.

UPDATE: okay, I’m back right where I started. Restarting the camera only fixed it for about an hour. Any ideas out there?

Sometimes doing a force stop of the Wyze app and re-opening it has worked for me.

Is there a difference on WiFi vs Cell Data?

That’s a great question. No, there wasn’t any difference between the two. I also did a forest stop of the program.

Here’s the interesting thing. I had 18 cameras running. Every one of the cameras were running at over 100 kilobytes per second. I ended up taking four cameras offline and everything is fine. Why would that make any difference?

Do you have any of the cameras in Groups? If not, try creating a Group of 4 or 6, see if it gets stuck.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

As long as I have your ear, the issue may be a power issue. I have a camera that is being powered by an outlet a very long ways away. I suspect that I have a 75 foot extension cord connected to another 40 feet of wire going to the camera. I’ve been pretty successful with power that runs 50 and 60 feet. I have an option to plug in that particular camera in a different location. It would just require a lot of outside work. I’m in a pretty cold climate so I’m not thrilled about going outside to run cables!

The issue doesn’t seem power related, the camera would most likely keep dropping offline or power cycling if that were the case.

Brain, the groups seems to be working. I forgot about that feature. I’m not sure why that would make a difference but I’ll take what I can get! I appreciate your help. It’s fun to run into people that are smarter than me! In my case, it happens all the time!

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Glad to hear! Odd thing is people tend to have these issues when cams are IN Groups and work when removed from the Group :man_shrugging:

Brian, first off, I appreciate all of your help. I wanted to give you an update on what I found. As you may recall, I had one camera that would occasionally lock up and be stuck on three of three. I tried different cables, removing the SD card, moving the camera indoors and retesting and deleting the camera and starting over. Nothing helped. I had one more new V3 so I started over with the camera in the exact same location. It appears that everything is working properly. My conclusion? I’ve got a bad camera. I sent in a repair ticket 2 days ago and still haven’t heard anything. I’d just like to get the camera replaced. I hope I hear from them.

As long as I’ve got you, do you think it could have had anything to do with a defective or corrupted SD card? I wonder if by putting the SD card in I screwed up the camera. I tried running the camera with the SD card out and it’s still freezes up. That’s why I came to the conclusion it was the camera. That said, maybe the SD card has something to do with it. For $3.50 I think I’m just going to throw that SD card away.

Honestly that’s hard to say. I would throw the card away for sure. I wouldn’t say a corrupt card hasn’t bricked a device before, but anything can happen. Hope you get the replacement soon.